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  1. I'm trying to create an electronic letterhead for a company. They need for their employees to be able to type in it....but, they want it so that no one can "click" on the logo and save it on their computer. What would be the best way to do this???
  2. Thanks, Kelly....I don't have the conversion software on my computer here at my day job.... Kathy has taken care of it for me!!! Thank you all for being there!
  3. I need to convert a Word Document I have to a PDF file. Can anyone help me real quick w/ this? I could scan it to a PDF but that's not as good as quality as I want. I could use a free converter online but sometimes those "freebies" change things....I am at my "day job" and I need to send out a volunteer application for our Refugee Children's Summer Camp and I want to send both a word and PDF. I hate to ask for help with this ...but, if anyone can I would appreciate it. Thanks, SPLASH_Volunteer_Application.doc
  4. I have to ask...What is an EA? I think I figured out the rest....but, that one I'm not getting.....Engineer's Assistant? Just wondering...
  5. Julie and Michelle, I'm sure Nancy appreciates your help....I'll be curious as to what you end up doing....just in case I ever have that situation again!! Julie, thanks for the tip!! I think I followed your instructions and will have to try it sometime!!
  6. When I read the original post I thought about the transpose option; but I thought that Michelle's original post to be a better solution for the following reason. First, let me preface this by saying I have NO idea how to write a formula to fix it and was looking forward to the solution! I have had lists such as this and would have to copy and paste each "section" and use the transpose method because I thought that if she copied and tranposed it all at one time that it would all end up on one row. So, I guess I'm curious...Nancy, did it work?
  7. Terry and Michelle, thanks for speaking up! I'm excited to know that you both have done so well on WW. I have sooooo much to learn. So far I have done well! But, then again it's only been two days!! I'm hoping that no one will have a problem w/ us just posting in this thread!
  8. I have someone asking me how to clean their desk jet printer....he has major verticle lines (2) going down his printouts. I asked him if he had maybe sent something through that damaged his print cartridges...he said "No". What can he do?
  9. Patty, I may visit there...but, I don't have the time to get to know everyone like I hope to get to know everyone here....does that make sense?
  10. I have just started Weight Watchers for the first time in 20+ years. I'm at my all time high and I don't like it here! Plus, I want to lose 50 lbs before Dallas! I know that WW has an online forum...but, I can't see myself getting involved there...I was just kinda hoping there were a few people here who are on the program, so I know I'm not alone! Just wondering...
  11. Kathy, I'm glad you have decided to join our group!
  12. Hi, Michelle! I can't believe I'm the first Michelle to welcome you! You will soon find that there are a bunch of us on this forum!
  13. You have come to the right place! Spend some time looking around and I am sure the ideas will start popping!!
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