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  1. Can anybody help me transfer a WORD Fill-in Form to a PDF Fill-in Form. The form is ready and it has fill-in spaces already in WORD but I need it in PDF and I think my professional version isn't recent enough to do this... if someone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks a lot. Happy Sunday! Maria
  2. Thanks! They were in Italy last year... so I don't think they want to go back at this time! They stayed at a beautiful villa overseeing the Ocean in Positano. Do you want me to ask them, or will you ask them? I don't want to step on anybody's toes... Thanks Maria
  3. I didn't know where else to post this... I am looking for very reputable agencies that rent high end houses in Portugal near Lisbon (cascais or sintra). Any recommendations? I want a portuguese agency not a british or something like that.... it's for one of my clients' vacation next year and my reputation is on the line... I got to find something... I looked online but it all seems very generic ... Any advice would be helpful! Thanks
  4. Hi Everybody, Is is possible to create a Fill-In Form (I already have the document in a word doc) with Adobe Acrobat Standard 7.0? Can someone assist me please? Thanks bunches, Maria
  5. Hi Everybody! One of my clients is very interested in using the above website. I was wondering what you could tell me about it and how is the best ways to use it? My client is looking for website traffic information and things like that... I heard some people say that it's great, but I also heard that it only works with website tracking and statistics with only other websites that have the toolbar because they "talk to each other"... Anybody has more information on this? Let me know! Thanks. Maria,
  6. Hi Everybody: A client asked for some current research stats on the small business market. She’s interested in anything credible on businesses of 150 employees or less, such as: - how many there are - industry concentrations - revenue range - geographic concentration - years in business - % of small businesses this size compared to the entire small business category She also would like to understand any metrics around companies in business 10 years or less--do they exhibit different purchasing patterns, technology preferences, etc. at different stages of their maturity? Do firms of different sizes make different kinds of decisions or care about things differently (e.g., growth, revenue, etc.). These are the kinds of issues she wants to uncover. Besides the SBO or Census, where can I find this information? It didn’t seem SBO had this exactly ... I don’t know where else I could look... Help!!! :-) Maria
  7. Hello everybody! I know this has nothing to do with VAs but I was hoping that maybe there is another fanatic of arts and crafts like me out there... I keep all my magazines but unfortunatelly, I cannot fin one... it's the December 2002 Martha Stewart Magazine. It has a section about Crocheted snowflakes and I really, really would like to have the instructions of the various snowflakes shown in that magazine. I went to MS' website and it only shows one of the snowflakes... So, is there anybody out there that might have their December 2002 copy of Martha Stewart and that would be willing to looke at those pages for me, perhaps scan them and email them to me??? I would be so grateful!! Thanks a lot! Maria
  8. Thanks!!!! It's really good! I like all of your ideas... I have been picking my brains myself! !!! I have a few suggestions to ad, too! Ok, here are a few more... what do you think???? Virtual Assistance with a global perspective! Beyond frontiers virtual assistance! Cutting edge Virtual Assistance with a global outlook! What do you think??? Have a great week-end!!!
  9. Hello Tawnya!! First... I love your costume! Awesome! You are probably right on the fact that we are not bound geographically! It might make it easier for VAs not to be as competitive! My post was poorly written... my fingers typed faster than my thoughts... I must apologize for that. Well, if you have the opportunity, make sure to meet her! She is really wonderful. (Did I say that already?? LOL) Talk to you later, Maria
  10. Hello Everbody! Happy Halloween! I just wanted to let you know that I had the pleasure to meet Naomi person last week-end. She is a very active VA here in the Group! I think I can honestly say that we had a blast! We ate good fun, laugh and enjoyed each other company. (Naomi feel free to jump in!) She is awesome and so good hearted! And very successful! I had a ton of questions for her and she gladly answered them for me and gave me pointers and advice. I wanted to say that if you have other VAs around you, don't think of them as competition but as great colleagues and friends to have in the Industry! There is plenty of work out there, I don't think we need to go against each other... I hope I am not out of line when I say this... Well I just wanted to chit chat and say that I am so happy and honored to have met some of my colleagues out there and I hope I get to see them often! That's all... I just wanted to say that I am grateful to be in such a great community! Good night...
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