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  1. Hi Innovative Administrative, Do you know how many new clients are coming through your Craigslist/Newspaper ads? How many of these leads convert to long-term clients? The Craigslist in my small town is quite active. People use it to post jobs, apply for positions, etc. Two or three contractors are actively advertising on the site, so I don't know how successful I'll be? I guess all I can do is try! But I've heard from a CPA that conversations and handshakes sell more than anything. Though, I'm open to all forms of advertising as long as it initiates calls and further questions.
  2. Thanks for the tip! It sounds like I might be able to use Expensify as a tool for uploading client files quickly. I'll have to look into it. Thanks!
  3. I'm guessing if you can integrate it with QuickBooks and other accounting software, the balance sheet, P&L statement, and reconciliations are accessible through those programs. I had considerable problems when my client wanted to use a "free accounting software" instead of buying QuickBooks Pro 2013. When I informed her that I would be unable to check for "errors" against those financial statements nor would I be able to perform bank reconciliations, she started getting cold feet. I tried to pursue the contract with her further, but she eventually backed out completely (due to this and budgeting setbacks). I do not recommend using any free accounting programs without backup software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Excel. With that being said, I'd like to applaud your client if he's using Expensify with QuickBooks!
  4. Is Expensify a free or paid app? Does it come with balance sheets and P&L statements? Can you perform bank reconciliations? One of the major problems I've had with "free accounting software" is that you cannot perform bank reconciliations. Another major flaw is many programs lack balance sheets and P&L statements. I'm not sure if similar situations arise with Expensify? If not that's great! But I was extremely disappointed when I read the fine print of these "free accounting programs." Just my two cents...
  5. I think I may need to do that for a while ... Thanks, Tawnya and Danielle!
  6. Thank you both for that clarification! Yes, by industry experience, I mean in bookkeeping. I've been reading on various blogs and just questioning other top-notch bookkeepers, that you need lots of industry experience in order to open a successful bookkeeping practice--especially if you're exclusively targeting an online audience. But how much experience does one realistically need? What about those who've taken online courses in QuickBooks? Can you open a practice immediately upon completing a program? Or do you need 10+ years experience working in the field before you should even attempt to open a practice? What about just working for certain industries (like construction, legal, etc.) like you said? As a "newbie," should I focus my attention on sole proprietors and small businesses to gain experience? Or am I better off just working in a small office as a bookkeeper during tax season to gain experience into the foreseeable future? Thank you for both of your informative responses! VABee2011
  7. Hi Ladies, This question is primarily for Candy. But if anyone else has an answer, please feel free to jump in! How important is the role of industry experience in launching a successful freelance bookkeeping business online? Do you need it? How much experience do you realistically need? Any insight, feedback, or information would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, VABee2011
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure if I want to have local clients, either--especially with the stiff competition in my small town. I'll have to think about whether I want to use Craigslist for a while... Thanks, Danielle!
  9. Hi Everyone, I've noticed one contractor posted their bookkeeping package rates on their Craigslist ads. 1) Should I take advantage of "free" advertising and post my hourly or package rates into Craigslist ads until I build enough of a clientele to afford to put up a website? 2) Or is this strategy ill advised as I run the risk of potentially being labelled a "fly-by-night"? 3) Do any of you advise using offline newspaper ads for marketing a new bookkeeping practice the way plumbers use them to advertise their businesses? Any feedback, insight, or information would be greatly appreciated! Have a Happy New Year!
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a US tax law question that I can't seem to find an answer to online or offline. Anyone feel free to jump in if you have an answer! 1) In states other than CA, OR, NY, and MD, can a tax preparer file federal and state returns for clients living in another state? Any feedback, insight, or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. P.S. If anyone has an answer be my guest and jump in to reply!
  12. Hi Candy, I took a basic bookkeeping course and I'm still struggling to understand debits & credits. All the instructor said was that debits and credits are the reverse of what you do when balancing your checkbook. I'm hoping an experienced bookkeeper can explain it to me in simpler terms. Please explain to me in layman's terms what debits and credits are in double entry bookkeeping? Thanks in advance, Yvette
  13. Hi Guys! A family member is filling out her taxes and she wants to know what IRS business code she would be designated under as a transcriptionist who occasionally does ghost posting on websites. She offers no other admin services at present. What IRS business code would she need to use here in the states? Here are the following options: 1) Document preparation services 2) Office administrative services 3) Other business support services (including court reporting, & stenotype services) Any feedback, tips, or information would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi Tawnya, Lynette Chandler's course on the Blogging Starter Pack, is it just for developing a blog? Or can you also build full-running websites with this course? Please let me know.
  15. Speaking of starting a VA bookkeeping business, can you obtain all of your clients online or is it wise to have a few brick and mortar clients? Sincerely, VABee2011
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