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  1. Great list. I also use those tools for my online marketing ventures. And of course, Google Keyword Planner tops my list since keywords are the basis for SEO.
  2. On Page is a form of optimization wherein you're using your keywords for meta tags, meta titles and meta descriptions. You can put them in your website dashboard.
  3. Well, ahmmm. I believe that consistency is the key to gain success on Social media. Hmmm.. you can have your posts scheduled via hootsuite but it's best if you could spend at least 2 hours everyday to check all of your accounts, check for notifications, join conversations that tackle the same niche as yours. Creat online engagements and the such.
  4. Hmmmm.. I haven't used Instagram for my local internet marketing. My friends also said that this will be a good way of promoting bsuiness. I might try this one of these days. Actually, I'm still focus on facebook marketing. That maybe the reason as well.
  5. Or, you could prefer adding an 'and' to make it a compund sentence. Such that, "I have a dream and that is to become a blogger." What do you think?
  6. Hi AMichele1! Welcome here! I agree with Lily regarding the setup of any small business. What accounting tools online I often heard are Quicbooks, Freshbooks, and Zoho Invoice. Good luck as you start your VA business.
  7. Thanks Danielle for sharing this. I think this will be very helpful in terms of getting images. This can also be easier if we just ahve to embed code. Thanks again!
  8. We prefer to use Gmail, so far, this has been great when it comes to emailing and other features such as Drive.
  9. These are all interesting. Will check it and share it for sure. Thank you so much:)
  10. This is a helpful blog especially for those looking ideas to start a virtual assistant business. However, I agree with Lily, some of the tools included here are being changed; just like with email marketing services, like Aweber and Infusionsoft. But of course, it really depends on what can fit on your business' forte. Thanks
  11. Hi Lily. Keeping those hard copies compilation for organizing your work is really an amazing one! This is also helpful, yet some other virtual assistants chose to keep their files organized in several different ways. Some use software, programs, such Google spreadsheets, Dropbox and Evernote to make those files readily available.
  12. Great that you are actually thinking of making the most out of your book =) eBook can indeed be downloaded and bought in PDF format.
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