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  1. Thanks so much for all this info. I wasn't using any black hat techniques so I wasn't really disturbed by the commotion but you can get caught going down a wrong track even without meaning to. If I'm not mistaken, I think except paid links, having your site listed on link exchange sites is a no-no as well, as are some low quality site directories. I don't know if the Penguin catches it, but I do know that posting comments on some Do-follow forums and blogs might also harm your ranking, as is a page links to a lot of bad, spammy websites and it also links to yours, it might get characterized by Google as a spam site. Again thanks so much, ~Eleni
  2. Hello Jackie, I haven't tried any of the courses here yet, but I do offer competitor analysis. I basically use this really cool Marketing Grader from Hubspot, Woorank, Alexa and WebRank SEO. It does cut my time down significantly. As for rates, I avoid charging by the hour, so I have a package offer starting at 150€. Hope that helps, ~Eleni
  3. LoL... 5. Your 18 month old toddler pulls out the letters from the keyboard
  4. I know this is an old topic but just putting my two cents out there. I started out with other browsers and finally settled with Google Chrome. I've been using it for over a year cause I wanted more speed than Mozilla and Internet explorer just made my computer brake down every time I opened it. I'm really happy with my choice and would definitely recommend it to anyone asking. ~Eleni
  5. Hello Carole! Thanks for posting this question because I have been concerned with this quite a bit myself! I have read that giving out something free, like an e-book, helps people subscribe to your list, so I have started writing some stuff to see if it will work. Look forward to see what people have to say and their feedback to this question! Eleni
  6. Wow! Thanks for your advice. I took out the contact form and the loading time went down from 10 sec to 3.21 so that must be doing sth!! In addition, I put in a cache plugin called w3 total cache before I read answer about the Google libraries and I put in some code to stop jqery being called in the front page. It seems to be going quite better! I'm thinking of leaving the photo in, for now, to represent the leisure time people will get when hiring a VA. Though I will try and connect it somehow to everything. I am avoiding putting businessy photos in so it is more personal. I am also trying not to point out the Greek stuff, although I do offer the services to Greek people, unfortunately, as you saw in the rates, it doesn't pay so well I am very grateful for all your help. It is wonderful to be able to get advice from professionals who have made it to success! Eleni
  7. Thank you Kathy for your reply! All your advice was very useful! I'll roll it around in my mind a bit and see how I can change things to be more appropriate. I actually hadn't posted my rates, but after a question on linkedin I was advised to show them. But I didn't know there was such a difference in the rates between USA and Europe. I actually decided on the rates by seeing other VA rates and choosing sth in between! Yes I had noticed that, in the beginning but I had my husband test it and he said it was ok... so I thought it was just me! Even I had can't bother to wait for it to load sometimes. I'll have to figure out something to make it faster then. Could it be that it is a wordpress? I have heard the plugins can cause a delay.. Again, thanks for your help, Eleni
  8. Hello everyone! I have designed and redesigned my website (apostolvirtualassistance.com), edited the front page info, then edited again but still something is wrong.. I keep having a high bounce rate. People come and go too quickly. I feel something is missing. I think it needs some spark! I have no inspiration and it keeps feeling lifeless. I would really like some advice on things I could change in the design or content. Thanks in advance for any tips! Eleni
  9. All the best in your career change! I hope everything goes well for you!
  10. Yes, I know just what you mean. It is not mean it is the truth. Working with Greeks is hard. People from other countries are more honest and co-operative. They want the work done not to seem superior. Of course, maybe it is just me or the people I have met so far, I don't know... This forum is very helpful! It is wonderful that people share their experiences and advice. I am a bit shy so it is hard for me to meet people, but I am working on that
  11. Hi Shandon, Yes, I have internet research as my niche. However I am trying to narrow it down to an specific area exactly because I am having difficulties with marketing myself. I am trying to find a target audience and then through networking and advice try to get connected. But I would really appreciate an insight anyone has to offer here Eleni
  12. Hello all! I have been troubled about this niche thing for a while, since I would like to narrow down the prospective clients to one field in order to research them better. I have experience with internet research and data entry, I am also good with seo and I don't really want to do any telephone work. What type of niche would these skills or lack of go with? I was thinking Internet Marketing but was wondering if there was a lot more to it and how easy would it be to get the extra skills. Any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated. And one more thing... Am I going about this the right way? Is there anything else I should be taking into account? Thank you in advance for your help Eleni
  13. It is a pleasure to be here! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  14. That is great! I'm just starting as well! I thought I was going to be alone here! I'm located in Loutsa outside of Athens, and you? How have you been introducing your job to your friends? I have found it a bit hard to express it clearly.. especially to older people
  15. Hello, I am Eleni from Greece and would like to connect with other Virtual Assistants here in Greece. It is not a very well-known profession in Greece, so I would really like to talk and get to know other VA's. I think it would be really helpful!
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