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  1. Sarah, I like your ever so faint accent! I believe, I've only heard it because I have the very same accent *g*. Other than that: Some very great tips on LinkedIn, a couple of them I knew already (guys, rapportive is great!!! And mix it with Wisestamp and maybe donanza and you get full linkedin marketing impact in your signatures! (donanza circles the recommendations you have in your signature)) A few things I have to try out. Didn't know about the change of UI and will also try the MyBox app once I have something to put in there.
  2. I have the very same problem, as I've stated here: http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23290&view=findpost&p=140126 Have not been able to take part on all courses and particularly bought into the pay-more/check-later program, so I am rather sad, that I cannot access them and that no-one answered to my previous post. Please, could you admins look into it?
  3. I've recently bought the premium option and could put it to use right away: I did my translation work in Evernote and shared it with my proofreader, who in turn could edit the files. Then I've shared it with my client for quality control before I've formatted it to his wishes in my office program! Also, I've added Wappwolf which enables direct share between dropbox and evernote. Additionally I've signed up for ifttt.com and Hojoki .. for additional functuonality... I've sorted all my collected pdfs into Evernote now, for future read on my Galaxy, and since I am premium, I can do thi
  4. Hey up, hope you are all well. The last couple of weeks were quite busy for me, so I didn't get around much to watch the VAVS5-webinars. Today I did and I got through quite a few of them. But I noticed, that a couple of the webinars have missing or deleted (?) files, not only partially but a few of them the whole thing, so I cannot watch them. Now, I am not one pointing to the money spent but I reaaaaaaally was looking forward to watch them, as I have missed most of the webinars in March. So I ask, could you kindly get those files and the videos on the site back please? I don't w
  5. Hey there, hope you are all well and buzzing :-) I've recently joined a local start up group. We are all absolute newbies to owning a business and decided to help each other out as we are all broke. So for our next meeting we've planned to write press releases. Having great troubles to write a nice copy for my own website, although I have been a writer for magazines years ago, it felt odd to get this on paper (yes, paper, it connects the best with my brain somehow *lol*). I would be grateful for some advise if anything needs correction (my grammar, sentence structures, spelling?)
  6. I've kinda gave up on VAjots. Now and then I try - but noone is ever there. I've tried various times and stayed on for quite a while and it was always empty. :-( Have they been cancelled for good?
  7. Yes, figured after a while how to register. Ehm, 11pm was the wrong time. Not sure if it was because of daylight savings or for any other reason, but I've been in the webinar place since 11pm and it turned out the start was at midnight. Sadly I cannot take part next week due to no internet (I am moving house), but as soon I've got my new internet I will try again with the wintertime in place and then I will report here what happened.
  8. Just wanted to say that the times are totally un-understandable for not US-citizen. I know I have to convert them to my timezone, which would be fairly straight forward if there would be some consistency in the times you are mentioning. On the website it says "4pm PDT", followed by link which is set to Vancouver. When I convert it to London-Time it gives me 11pm London I then noticed it is set to Vancouver and tried it as written with 4pm PDT, which gives me 00:00 London-Time. Then I've checked with the forums here and get: PDT/PST/EST ... which results anywhen between 00:00 and 01:0
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