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  1. Hey folks, haven't been on here for a while. Amazingly I had a very busy summer, so my first 6 months officially in business have been an interesting time. Not quite managed to take part in the last VAVS6 as my cat went from ill to gravely ill and I nearly had to made the worst decision. She is still not well, but somehow we (the vet with meds, me with special love and feeding) could turn it around. Hopefully I can enjoy being with her for much much longer. Ok, that was just so you know that I am still here :-) Had the chance to do my tiny bit at the London Office Show with the #adminchat, that was quite thrilling. And now coming back, seeing that the forum has been redone (I know, it is like that already for a while). Is looking good. Last week I was contacted by BeMyVA.com to produce some sort of a feature article about my business. I must admit, this entire creative part in a business is waaaaayyyyy over my head. Boy, is there much creative stuff to do... So I had a hard week to create my first ever brochure. Anyone care to look at it and give me some comments of how to improve it (spelling/grammar, where to place my logo (and if I could use my proper one, which is a banner type or if I better choose the square one), such things. Please find the item in question on my facebook site (as the image is larger than 2k): fb.me/1kShaNxvU Looking forward to your comments. Andrea
  2. Sarah, I like your ever so faint accent! I believe, I've only heard it because I have the very same accent *g*. Other than that: Some very great tips on LinkedIn, a couple of them I knew already (guys, rapportive is great!!! And mix it with Wisestamp and maybe donanza and you get full linkedin marketing impact in your signatures! (donanza circles the recommendations you have in your signature)) A few things I have to try out. Didn't know about the change of UI and will also try the MyBox app once I have something to put in there.
  3. I have the very same problem, as I've stated here: http://www.vanetworking.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23290&view=findpost&p=140126 Have not been able to take part on all courses and particularly bought into the pay-more/check-later program, so I am rather sad, that I cannot access them and that no-one answered to my previous post. Please, could you admins look into it?
  4. I love the Chrome crossover from my desktop to my Android phone! That's just marvellous, not to have to sync my bookmarks to one cloud, remembering the important tab on my desktop I want to check again when I am out and about...
  5. I've recently bought the premium option and could put it to use right away: I did my translation work in Evernote and shared it with my proofreader, who in turn could edit the files. Then I've shared it with my client for quality control before I've formatted it to his wishes in my office program! Also, I've added Wappwolf which enables direct share between dropbox and evernote. Additionally I've signed up for ifttt.com and Hojoki .. for additional functuonality... I've sorted all my collected pdfs into Evernote now, for future read on my Galaxy, and since I am premium, I can do this even offline. Saves me a whole lot of paper, as I really hate reading on my laptop, but wouldn't want to waste my expensive printer cartridge for zillions of pdfs. However, reading on my smarty is really nice. Gosh, I simply love this notetaker.
  6. Hey up, hope you are all well. The last couple of weeks were quite busy for me, so I didn't get around much to watch the VAVS5-webinars. Today I did and I got through quite a few of them. But I noticed, that a couple of the webinars have missing or deleted (?) files, not only partially but a few of them the whole thing, so I cannot watch them. Now, I am not one pointing to the money spent but I reaaaaaaally was looking forward to watch them, as I have missed most of the webinars in March. So I ask, could you kindly get those files and the videos on the site back please? I don't want to miss out on them and the period of Gold membership is not too long. Please please, pretty please! :-) Have a great day, Andrea
  7. I must admit, I am still checking out other programs too. Now that I have a few clients with more than 1 invoice/month paymo started to cost. So if I have to pay anyway I want to have something more powerful. I currently look into Xero.com and Freeagent.com. Both integrate with my banking, once can do their CRM in there, they support several apps to track time, cashflow, CRM (capsule), and you can give access to your accountants (not sure yet, if to clients as well). Freeagent works even with my Tax-Organisation (HMRC in the UK). Both have versions for UK and International (Xero only for the English-speaking Internationals USA, NZ, AUS - not sure if CA). In regards to "handing over login-details": have you ever tried LastPass? I use this with my clients. They simply share with me their login without revealing details.
  8. I absolutely enjoy your newsletter. It is well written, informative and it looks fabulous. On your latest issue: I too love my Gimp. Hopefully the 2.8 version is out soon, can't wait to see the rendering in action. Although I am not creative (the only thing I can do is using what others give me or I buy and remodel it into something useful, e.g. graphics into fb-timeline), gimp is always the tool for me when something needs to be tweaked and layered and smoothed (or blurred) :-) I am an opensource-lover, there, I've admitted to it. No Photoshop for me, no no :-)
  9. Hey there, hope you are all well and buzzing :-) I've recently joined a local start up group. We are all absolute newbies to owning a business and decided to help each other out as we are all broke. So for our next meeting we've planned to write press releases. Having great troubles to write a nice copy for my own website, although I have been a writer for magazines years ago, it felt odd to get this on paper (yes, paper, it connects the best with my brain somehow *lol*). I would be grateful for some advise if anything needs correction (my grammar, sentence structures, spelling?) or improvement on the content. I hope to send this PR out in April, on my designated proper start up date.
  10. Hey Tina, welcome to the forums. Yay, another one from the UK! Will I meet you at the VAconf in Birmingham in April?
  11. Social Media (marketing) styled as a game, but with real life outcome? Sounds fun. Joined. Let's see, where this is going :-) Did I see there, that you are from London? Yay, another one in the UK! :-)
  12. Hey there, I also work bi-lingual and do calls to the country, my client's customer is sitting in (UK to Germany in my case). Additional to my hourly charge I send them the bill for those my phone provider charges me with and they have to pay those charges. I determine my hourly rates for each client by the overall work I do for my client. If the client has 75%+ "normal" admin work, then I charge them a lower rate as if there were at least 50% specialised work (like language), then I tell them a higher hourly rate from the start. I don't tell them my price range though. Well, that's my plan for the future... my one client I have so far is the one who pushed me into all of this and it was last summer, when I was still an employee of them and hadn't a clue and was quite open with that fact, so I've ended up with £5 less than I would charge new clients now at a minimum. But they are very helpful with all sort of things and so they get the guinea pig/mentor price :-)
  13. I've kinda gave up on VAjots. Now and then I try - but noone is ever there. I've tried various times and stayed on for quite a while and it was always empty. :-( Have they been cancelled for good?
  14. I've just started to use Paymo, which syncs with Google docs, FB, Basecamp, KashFlow, Xero and QuickBooks. The use by only one person of a company is free, with infinity projects and clients. If one needs to set it up for employees too, it starts to cost. Own logo, timetracker software over various browsers and devices, project management, milestones, estimates and invoices, timesheet, exportable to pdf too. I'd like, if clients could access my milestones or even timesheets but maybe not, to avoid nitpicking. Have to think about this now :-) Dana, you said, you are doing it by hand. Could you please share, what you are missing on those programs? I am still at the beginning and I wonder, what I miss or haven't thought to implement yet in my systems. Til now I've written a quote/estimate, which includes my 3 pages terms & conditions with the request to accept in writing (email), to accept it as a binding contract. Then I set up a timesheet, which includes the various types of work done (translation, charged per word), calls (to whom, time used, plus charges by provider if call goes to another country), admin tasks (time used)), and then eventually the invoice plus timesheet plus copy of itemised phone bill. I haven't set up a spreadsheet yet to track the invoices, but sending out my 3rd invoice soon, it is on my to-do-list and that's why I've turned to a program to see, if it eases the process. Advise more than welcome. As I said, very new to all and I am no bookkeeper, so I have not the faintest clue about those things.
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