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  1. Ozetta Aaron As someone who is new to the VA industry and used an old NEC desktop and Toshiba laptop until just recently, I could really use the new equipment to step up my game a bit. Tha new Lenovo system would really help me to move forward and add some additional services to my company that I requests for but have to presently turn away or borrow someelse's laptop to do because it's newer. I was recently blessed with a two-year old Dell Latitude laptop, but having a spanking new system would help me out beyond measure. Please pick me. Ozetta Aaron, Motor City Typists
  2. Hello, I am Ozetta, and I am new to the group. I own a VA business in Michigan, that specializes in accounting software training with an emphasis in QuickBooks. I also offer assistance in business plan preparation, and small business coaching. I also provide clerical and administrative assistance services, as well as payroll and bookkeeping services. In my spare time, (laughing), I also make jewelry.
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