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  1. I'm going to tweet this out in the morning! Good luck, I may try to join you on Friday from NYC P.S. do you have a set time for this?
  2. I still keep the check stub :-X I don't know why because I've never needed it but I guess it makes me feel better. My bank scans in checks that I deposit so if I needed to I could always get a copy of the check but yet I keep the 2nd stub. Maybe I should stop.
  3. I use Quickbooks online at my client's office and I use the desktop version of Quickbooks at the wine importer I'm employed at and I have to say that I much prefer the online version of QB. The desktop version is forever freezing, not responding, it's slow and a couple of times it has crashed. The online version is very responsive, quick and much more user friendly than the desktop version.
  4. P.S. You picked the perfect week to do it since I have Tues/Wed off from school that week which gives me means I won't miss as many webinars as I thought I would.
  5. I use Freshbooks. It's free for the first three clients. I can track time right from Freshbooks and create an invoice from it; email the invoice and print it or even mail it myself; enter payments; keep track of expenses; set up projects and hourly rates for different tasks. I love it. Once I sign my fourth client I will have to start paying a monthly fee but I've been using it since November free of charge.
  6. I certainly recommend it! They also offer free webinars on how to start using it about twice per week so there's probably one you could watch to get you started.
  7. I'm using Freshbooks because they offer a free account for up to 3 clients and Quickbooks doesn't. I just didn't think it was economical to begin paying for Quickbooks without a single paying client. When you start a business you already have expenses and I wanted to start keeping track of my expenses so that's what I used it for when I first signed up. Now I'm up to 3 clients so once I sign the fourth I will have to start paying a monthly fee which is about $20 per month I believe. Quickbooks is free for 30 days and then it's $12.95 per month. So it is cheaper than Freshbooks but if you have no paying clients, then I would say go with Freshbooks because then you're just losing money every month and have no money coming in.
  8. If anyone NYC VA's are interested in meeting up, I will be meeting with Mak's VA Services sometime this month. Please let us know if you'd like to join us.
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol I thought you meant you were coming now after Christmas so I was thinking in the next few days.
  10. Hey Dana, if you're going to be in New York City soon I would love to meet you. Also, if anyone is planning a VA meetup in New York City I'd also like to join to network with other VA's in the area.
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