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  1. I'm actually trying to get more into G+ as well. I was watching a webinar a couple of days ago about how to add someone else's public circles to your circles. Basically if someone has a public circle of let's say Kindle publishers and they make that circle public, you can add that entire circle to your circles. The webinar said that this is a great way to get other people to add you to their circles because often on G+ when you add someone, that person will add you back which means that they will see your content. Tawnya, is the link to Guy Kawasaki's book still working? I've tried twice to download it and I also followed him but the link says This post could not be found. Do you have another link for it? I've been super neglectful of G+ but since I joined a blog challenge this month I've really been making a effort to make sure I publish all of my blog posts on G+ with an idea to get more exposure.
  2. Although I do have a Pinterest account, I really only use it once in a while to post photos. G+ personal pages cannot be auto-published to because there's no API for it and I don't have a G+ business account (just the personal) so what I've been doing is just publishing to my personal G+ account once I publish my article. Manually publishing to one social media site as opposed to all 4 is a huge time saver! And yes I have been using hashtags on G+
  3. Since I got no response from anyone on the wordpress forums and my host was completely useless, I hired a wordpess developer from Elance.com. He got the problem fixed in a couple of days and also set up my 301 redirects so now everything is working ok.
  4. I joined a 31 day blog challenge this month and before I signed up I was looking around for a service that could autopublish my articles because there's just no way I was going to spend all day publishing each article to facebook, twitter and linkedin. It would have taken too much time. So I'm using http://dlvr.it/ You an even include an auto hastag that will publish to twitter so now I dont even have to think about publishing my articles to social media. I also like using Hootsuite to schedule some posts in advance.
  5. Here's a link that might help construct a response to an RFP http://www.stepitupva.com/business-tips/responding-to-rfps-creating-proposals-that-shine-your-best-light/
  6. I replaced the entire wp-admin and wp-includes folder via cpanel and still didn't work. I mean it did update Wordpess to the latest version of wordpress but that's it. In addition I realized that the update-core.php file is also not working so I had to update WordPress manually. I called my host and they were completely useless because they are not WordPress experts. I posted the question in the wordpress support forum a week ago and still have not received a single response. I just posted a status update asking if any of my friends are wordpress experts. If I dont receive a response by tonight I think I will hire a professional web developer to figure out what the problem is since apparently no one can seem to figure it out.
  7. Oh I didn't realize WordPress was available. Thanks, I just downloaded it and set it up! I also downloaded Wunderlist to check it out. I checked for Photoshop but I only see 3rd party apps for it, not an app from Adobe
  8. Not yet, I think I may call my hosting company to see if they can help me.
  9. I'm hoping one of you ladies who's an expert at WordPress can help me! I've posted this question in the WordPress help forums but maybe I can get a faster answer from one of you. A couple of months ago I migrated my old domain to my new domain. A couple of weeks ago I set up a 301 redirect to redirect links from my old domain to my new one. I think somewhere along the way something got screwed up. When I go into my WP dashboard and click on "Plugins" in the side menu bar, it takes me to a new page and says PAGE NOT FOUND. This is happening when I click on "Appearance," "Appearance/Themes," "Plugins," and "Plugins/Installed Plugins." It appears that plugins.php is pointing to widgets.php; plugin-install.php appears correct but it gives me page not found error; themes.php appears to be pointing to widgets.php; admin.php isn't pointing anywhere. How can I resolve the problem? I have moderate skills in Wordpress. Will I have to manually upload the latest WordPress in my cpanel or is there a simpler, easier route I can take?
  10. I know a lot of you use an iPad, but I'm android person and have a Kindle Fire. For those of you with a Kindle Fire, what are your favorite business apps to use?
  11. For a perfect sounding audio file I would say AT LEAST 4 to 1, so if the file is 30 minutes long it would take at least 2 hours (30 minutes x 4 = 2 hours). If the file has a lot of noise or many speakers then you have to factor in even more time.
  12. My one is to blog more often. I always tell myself I'm going to blog more, but I never do. I just signed up for a 30 day blog challenge from Jan 1-31 so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to blog about. I think that should help get the juices flowing.
  13. What if instead of migrating the whole site to WordPress, if you think that's too much for them, instead create a link on their HTML site now that links to a regular WordPress or Blogger blog and they can start using that as a blog? I think they're pretty easy to use although it might involve a little on the phone training and sending them some tutorial videos.
  14. Hi Shelly, there are a few how to get started as a VA ebooks out there. I would suggest you look up a few and buy the one you think would best suit your needs. I've also seen a checklist on how to get started, but I need to find the link. As for finding clients, there are a different number of ways, RFP boards, networking meeting, friends, family, word of mouth, online marketing. Basically, once you're set up, tell everyone you know about your business and go to networking meetings. You never know when you'll someone who knows someone who needs a VA.
  15. I'm going to tweet this out in the morning! Good luck, I may try to join you on Friday from NYC P.S. do you have a set time for this?
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