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  1. The UREATC – Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant Training Center has the following courses scheduled to begin in April 2009. For more information and costs, please visit www.UREATC.com Real Estate Transaction Management Training April 13, 2009 Time: 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time • Class will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (2 weeks Only) • Classes are not recorded • Deadline to register is April 6 • Late registration ends April 8 Real Estate Transaction Management Training - California Assistants Only Date: April 13, 2009 Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time • Class will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (2 Weeks Only) • Classes are not recorded • Deadline to register is April 6 • Late registration ends April 8 Real Estate Listing and Marketing Coordination Training Date: April 7, 2009 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Eastern Standard Time • Class will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday (2 weeks Only) • Classes are not recorded • Deadline to register is April 4 • Late registration ends April 6 Real Estate Listing and Marketing Coordination Training Date: April 11, 2009 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time • Class will meet on Saturday (2 weeks Only) • Classes are not recorded • Deadline to register is April 8 • Late registration ends April 10 Visit www.UREATC.com for more information Carolyn
  2. There are three ways to gain access. 1. Get signed up through the broker/agent you will be working with as an assistant and have them pay your quarterly MLS dues. Keep in mind that you will only be able to access that agent's listings and cannot add listings or edit the listings of another agent. If you sign up with the broker, you can and will be able to work for all of the agents in the office (better use of time). 2. IF and only IF the MLS allows access, you can use the agent's access (username and password). It is your responsibilty to know if you can use the agent's access into the MLS. If you don't call the MLS and obtain the appropriate documentation, you will be held accountable and responsible for all unauthorized access and be fined accordingly. Don't accept the agents word as the final approval. 3. Join as an affiliate. You will only be able to search the MLS and have very limited access. You will not be able to input listings, etc. Otherwise, you cannot access the MLS since you are not a licensed REALTOR (member of the board).
  3. Thank you Cheryl for your indepth instructions. I apologize for the late response. On another note, please email me when you get the chance, I would like to discuss another Joomla project with you. Cordially, Carolyn
  4. You can always focus on agents using Point2Agent.com That program has a contact management system on the backend that is pretty good. By doing so, you can remain in OTM and work with marketing and drip campaign. Another plus is that you will hopefully become an expert through certification with the Point2Agent site and the good news will travel to others by association. Carolyn Nelson
  5. Good morning, One of my clients is a real estate coach. He wants to create an affiliate website so he can sell his ebooks and products related to the real estate industry. There will be a lot of logos, banners, text links, etc on all pages and on the left and right side. There will most likely be another page filled with affiliate links, etc. He is looking for something that he can easily manage once it is setup such as editing the content on the home page, add promotional information, approve affiliate requests, and attach all affiliates to an easy, very easy mailing list so he can send out emails to all or some as a distribution. Of course, he wants the requester to fill out a form that will include their full contact information, link, commission amount to be paid to him, etc. What would you recommend? Once again, someone mentioned Joomla, custom websites, and another mentioned 1 Shopping cart. He doesn't want to pay 1 shopping cart for their services (go figure!). He also would like to add a forum to the site for social networking. Anywho, do you have any suggestions? It would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch! Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | www.SEVAG.org | www.Point2Close.com | www.REVAProfessionals.com | www.REVACoach.com
  6. My average unique visits per day last month was 387 with a max of 495. The hits average 217,805 per month (whatever that means). Carolyn Nelson
  7. Thanks Twanya, I'm been searching for something like this for several years. I am so tired of figuring out PHP and dealing with spammers on one of my websites. Thank You Carolyn Nelson - Carolyn@Onlinerepa.com | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.SEVAG.org | www.REVAProfessionals.com | www.Point2Close.com
  8. Moving a Joomla site can be a little bit tricky because of the configuration changes that need to be made. There are lots of tutorials out there though that guide you through the process if you do a quick search. Hi Leanne, I found a few sites and will review those sites in the morning. The common problem I have found with most of the sites is that it is written in a format for the intermediate and advance users. It is never written in dummy format. Thanks. Carolyn
  9. LOL, Thanks Judy. I'm not a Joomla or database person in anyway. I'm waiting for the host to call me back. I'm tempted to backup everything and upload it on another server just to see what happens. The worst thing that couple possibly happen is that it won't work. LOL Non database sites seem so easy. I asked another techie and the explanation process seemed so much easier if I was watching paint dry. I have made it my mission to learn PHP and MySQL in 2009. Carolyn
  10. Thanks Judy but what do I need to do with the database to make sure it works properly? It is a Joomla website and the database is very large. Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | 877 - 717 - 4491 | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.Point2Close.com | www.REVACoach.com | www.REVAProfessionals.com
  11. Hi All! I need to copy a current website with a MySQL database, add it to the same hosting package but copy the site with database to a new domain name. What would be the easiest and less painful way to accomplish this task without causing any problems with the current website? Basically, there would be two domains with the same information and database initially until the client decides on the content he wants to change on the second domain. So instead in rewriting the information, he is going to use one domain as a foundation for another. Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | 877 - 717 - 4491 | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.Point2Close.com | www.REVACoach.com | www.REVAProfessionals.com
  12. I prefer to network and market my business where the potential clients network. Since I don't market locally, I don't send out post cards, letters, etc. Many moons ago, I sent out hundreds of post cards. I only received three or so calls out of 500+ and none panned out to be clients. Most of the others gave incentives to others to do what I do as a real estate assistant. Carolyn Nelson | Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.Point2Close.com | www.REVACoach.com
  13. Laurie, I'm a visual person and believe that most people are also visual, can only see the success if it is in writing. So with that being said, create a process flow chart showing how each segment of your service can integrate with the functions of their business. Show each how certain task will be completed and routed back (process). For example, I do a lot of BPO data entry work for realtors. On my website, I have a BPO process chart showing how the process can be completed smoothly. Each lead I receive always refer back to that chart because it explains the entire process and how it will work to benefit each of them clearly. Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | NAR Certified REPA | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.Point2Close.com
  14. It's common to have clients that are either too busy to follow through, too much of a control person to let go, or clients that just don't know when or where to begin. I use Contact 29 (www.contact29.com) as my drip campaign program. I have created a series of follow-up emails that are sent out every three weeks over a period of 5 years. Every three weeks, the lead will receive an email from me that includes a Nugget. Each Nugget reminds the lead of how my services can help them. It is noting long, only one quick sentence. I also include a promotional coupon every six months to catch their attention. I have had clients that initially contacted me 3 years ago contact me last month and signed up for services. I also keep these leads on my holiday mail out list and will call each periodically to follow-up. Overall, I remain consistent with the emails and offer value. You should also consider creating a client assessment form w/checklist. Send it over to the client and have him/her complete it when they get the chance. Assess the information provided and target those areas when marketing or making your follow-up phone calls. Let them know how you can reduce the number of hours they spend completing the task or let them know that if you take over the tasks, how you will compelete it and the benefits they will receive. Show a saving and most clients will not panic over your fees. Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com | NAR Certified REPA | www.OnlineREPA.com | www.Point2Close.com
  15. Hi Val, Don't get into a quandry. The key is knowing the laws for the Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant for your state. Sometimes there are grey area but when I see grey areas, I always get clarification or avoid the situation totally. Now when it comes to phone calls. If the broker/agent has a printed form with general questions that are asked across the board, you can ask those general questions. Example questions would be number of BR, BA, GA, Levels, Style, Pre-approval (Y/N), etc that are asked on website and realtor.com. Questions relating to more detailed information or personal information are prohibited. If a buyer ask for the number of bedroom, that is ok. But if the buyer ask detailed questions regarding inspections, appraisal, seek add-on information about the seller status, wants to discuss terms, commissions negotiation, pricing, offer instructions, that is a big NO NO. Handling contacts - A simple script is needed to ask questions pertaining only to the buyer's house hunting need. ***** Edit as needed ****** Hi, my name is Val ?, leads coordinator for George Bush, Realtor with Bush Beans Real Estate. I'm conducting a follow-up to the listing George has been sending to you via email per your request. Are you receiving the leads via email? Are the properties meeting your specifications? If Yes - Great! Thank you for letting George Bush and his team service your home buying needs. If No - I'm sorry Mr. Guru. If the problem(s) pertain to the information submitted, let me recant the information I have and correct inaccuracies prior to giving the changes to George. I will also inform George of the corrections. By the way, George the realtor that is assisting you. If you have any additional questions, George can be reached at 718-888-BUSH. Thank you and have a great day! ******** ----------- It is best to have a house hunting check sheet in front of you or a printout of the specs. Fill out the form, correct the errors, update the information, and keep the broker/agent in the loop. Always introduce your self as the assistant to and always let the individual know that you are calling on the behalf of the broker/agent and that that person is their main point of contact. Also provide the telephone number. ----------------- Hope this helps! Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn@REVACoach.com | www.UREATC.com | www.OnlineREPA.com | Carolyn@OnlineREPA.com
  16. There are many seminars and training programs that teach how to use a specific OTM program. However, very few, if any teaches the role of the Transaction Coordinator and/or the closing process. This training seminar will provide you with the foundation, teach you the process, and provide resource tools you will need so you can effectively and efficiently manage the closing process from the time your agent receives an executed contract through the after closing process. You will learn the basic laws of the unlicensed real estate assistant, the role of the closing coordinator, create action plans, learn about contingencies, and how to process the contract from knowledge and not a routine. This training is for serious individuals seeking to learn the closing process, covers a lot of information, includes weekly exams, and requires each student to upload and complete a mock closing within a specific time period into a designated online transaction management program. For more details, Click Here or visit www.REVACoach.com Carolyn Nelson, BSBM, NAR Certified REPA #4728 www.OnlineREPA.com | www.REVACoach.com | www.REVAProfessionals.com | www.Point2Close.com
  17. Val, Know that if you become a license agent and work for that one broker in the capacity mentioned, that broker must hold your real estate license. Also know that the broker is and will be held accountable for your actions under the guidelines of the state real estate commission. If you have real estate clients in TX, there is a conflict of interest regardless of the type of work if you are also providing services to other brokers and agents. You may have access to confidential information from other brokers and agents outside of your broker's realm and in today's market, broker and agents are very weary about releasing their databases. Also, having a license and offering PREVA services could subject you to sticky situations when working with real estate clients outside of your state, subjective versus objective information when dealing directly with buyers and sellers. This could hinder any external services being offered and you don't want perception to hinder your business. You will also need to discuss your options with the broker and inquire to the State REC. The broker needs to know, no if, and, or buts about it. If he agrees, get it in writing with his approval. If you proceed, keep detailed records, disclose your license status to internal (TX) and external clients, and remain professional at all times. Wishing you the Best of Luck!
  18. Hi Melissa, It has been steady over the past six months and now I see a dramatic increase in inquiries and services. There will always be agents seeking assistance. The key for me is flexibility. The smaller clients have cut back in hours but the major clients have increased their needs due to flexibility and confidence in speciality industry areas. Prior to getting into the industry, know what type of services you would like to offer. As you learn more, offer more but don't attempt to be a Jack of all Trades if you don't have the skill sets. Good Luck
  19. Thanks Jan, Free is always good especially when it will enhance the skills of all REVAs and make each of us more marketable.
  20. I'm looking for an experienced individual with working knowledge of Geeklog and PHP. If you have the experience and time, please contact me at carolyn@onlinerepa.com Thanks.
  21. The following FREE REVA Training is being offered through the SEVAG.org, REVA Professionals and REVACoach.com The sessions will not be recorded. Vendor: Single Property Sites Date: January 18, 2008 Time: 12:00 pm Eastern Cost: $0.00 To Register: www.SEVAG.org or REVAProfessionals Vendor: Wise Agent Date: January 30, 2008 Time: 3:00 pm Eastern Cost: $0.00 To Register: www.SEVAG.org or REVAProfessionals Vendor: VFlyer - Learn a new way to market your business online! Ideal for all businesses Date: February 15, 2008 Time: 4:00 pm Eastern Cost: $0.00 To Register: www.SEVAG.org Please sign-up for all training through the SEVAG Website at www.SEVAG.org
  22. Thank you Crystal. The NAR REPA is a designation, not a license, and should provide a foundation so you will learn about common laws and obtain a basic understanding of the assistant's responsibility. Certification should NOT be your primary focus. Getting the training you need so you will UNDERSTAND current real estate procedures such as listing, marketing, leads management, REO, OTM, etc should be your desired result. Those are the skills and knowledge that will help you obtain a client because you will be able to talk the talk and walk the walk. Anyone can say they have a certification but if you can't perform, the certification means nothing. - You should also review the support system. What happens after the training? - If you have any questions, how much will it cost? - Will the basic information be shared freely by the instructor or will you be left to fend for yourself? - Do you expect the information to be provided freely without any thought on your end or do you want to earn/gain the knowledge by reading, researching, etc. - How serious are you about learning. If you are serious, you will need to perform by completing the requirement. If you are looking for a certification, then you need to spend your time and buying a certification. Many say they want to learn but the reality is that they are only taking a class to get a certification. There are several factors that you must weigh in when you need to make a decision and it is based on what you expect to accomplish. License: If you are licensed and your license is active, you can only work for the agents in the office and your license remains with the broker. How many agents (competitors) would freely give another license agent their contact database? None or at least none that knows better. Even worse, how many RE/MAX agents would give their contact database to a Keller Williams agent? Noda. So, should you get your license? Only if you plan to work for ONE BROKER and for the other agents that work for the same broker. Otherise, a license is not needed but a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do as an unlicensed real estate assistant is required. The REVA class will help you but it will not replace the higher level of learning that will occur in the real estate license class. Keep in mind that the real estate class does not teach you how to market you and the properties, how to excel as an agent, how to create processes, and all those grand skills that so many agents are struggling with these days. As a REVA/PREVA, you will learn how to accomplish those much needed skills so that when you do decide to get your license, you will be ahead of many agents. You will need to decide if you want to sell as a licensed agent, sell/work in the office as a licensed assistant, or work remotely and a REVA/PREVA. There are so many things to consider but only you can make that determination. Best of Luck,
  23. Thank you Wenda and Lisa. The class format has changed greatly and the training manual is complete. Sarah, I'm looking forward to training you and the other over the next 12 weeks. Just in time for the NAR Convention in November. I'm very excited about the new format and being able to provide everyone with a manual instead of downloads as a part of the new training format. The 12 weeks of training will also benefit the attendees because more detailed online transaction management information regarding the process, agent expectations, and skill sets have been included in addition to forms, samples, etc. One of the added benefits of the training program is that you will receive free support after the training to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and how you are providing services to clients.
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