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  1. Hi Tawnya Thanks, this sounds a great idea. Would love to meet up with you and other VAs nearby. I'm still up in South Surrey near Choices. My # 604-767-4834. Speak soon, Anne
  2. Many thanks for both your comments - I need to focus on building consistency & you're a great role model for that Tawnya!
  3. Hi Everyone, We were encouraged to put what we learned into action after last weeks training on Blogging - so when I started formating my notes, I realized it was easier to 'blog' about what I'd learned and post it to my site! That way I never lose my notes and it's out there helping promote my business: http://admin-vantage.com/writing/blogging-your-business/ If you have any comments, I'm open to where I can improve so please feel welcome to let me know! Many thanks, and to Tawynya for the great training... Anne
  4. Great to have you helping us out, Angela. Thanks for your input, and look forward to learning from you...
  5. Hi Patty, Thanks for the welcome and for suggesting working with other VAs. Sounds really interesting and I've put your book on my wishlist to purchase as soon as I've finished my training. Best to get myself organised and in the know so I can BE my best and provide what they're looking for... Anne
  6. Hi Everyone! My name is Anne Dix and I am excited to be a member of VA Networking  I have a husband and two sons living here in beautiful BC, Canada; but we’re originally from southern Africa. After graduating from the University of Natal in South Africa many years ago, with a BA and HDLSc (Higher Diploma in Library & Information Science), I started out as a Research Librarian followed by freelance work as a Bibliographic Consultant for 12 years (very much like a VA back then)where I learned how to edit and format numerous academic documents; including theses, manuals and keynote addresses at the University of Zimbabwe. I loved working with professionals in the wildlife conservation industry and working from home also gave me the freedom to spend time with my husband and young children; and to travel around Africa, Europe, New Zealand and Australia ~ another passion of mine! When we first immigrated to Canada, I temped for a few years in the corporate world downtown Vancouver and then closer to home here in Surrey/White Rock. But I was hankering for the freedom I had enjoyed owning my own business in Africa so soon decided to work as an Admin Assistant for my husband's business. With more time on my hands I also let my creative side loose in joining Scentsy Canada where I am a Certified Consultant, focusing on online sales and sketch in my spare time. I enjoy working on documents in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Access; and a successful VA Business is now my goal here in Canada. I look forward to learning as much as I can from Tawnya on the VAC and networking with other members here online.
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