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  1. Thanks to both of you! If I can figure it out financially, I think I would like the VANetworking plan. I didn't know about it. Thank you Linda! First, I am long overdue to become a VAinsider. Would the "Booster" plan make me eligible to purchase the group plan? Carla
  2. Hi there! I'm still operating as a sole proprietor and have not purchased business insurance. Now I have a prospective client company asking me to acquiring business insurance. Any suggestions on affordable business insurance? Can I do this as a sole proprietor? Thank you.
  3. It's not going to work out for me to meet up with you tonight. Be safe and have fun in Atlanta! Meet you all another time! Carla
  4. Hi All! I'm just now learning about this opportunity to meet you... I'm located an hour and half northeast of Atlanta now... I'd like to see what I can work out. I've greatly appreciated your feedback and learning from your experience. I'll definitely stay tuned to learn the details and see if I can meet up with all of you!
  5. Just solidified one joint venture relationship today with my current client: Author/Speaker = Networking Events: We help promote each other while I woman his resource table. I'm really excited as I know this is HUGE and could open up major doors and opportunities for me. First event coming up on Thursday... yikes!!! I all the sudden have sooo much to do to sharpen my marketing materials and be ready! Hopefully, I can manage at least a couple a month.
  6. I just learned about what a joint venture is and I am eager to incorporate it into my marketing and networking strategy. As I continue to research and create proposals, what are some ways a VA can JV and with whom? Offering discounted services can be an option if they need it. But what if they don't? How do you still tap into the same niche market they may have as yours? An exchange in Web site linking could be an option, but what if you want to JV with multiples of the same type of JVs? For example, I'm realizing business coaches are promoting virtual assistants, but what can I propose for them to benefit on the partnership? What are some other business relationships out there that share the same niche market? What is the business exchange?
  7. Thanks for posting this link and resource! I also just recently wrote an article on scams: http://blog.virtualharvestva.com/2009/11/2...e-of-scams.aspx. It's been quite a learning experience developing the virtual assistant business! It's great to learn from others and not make the same mistakes they do. It's why I enjoy reading around and "surfing" the VAnetworking Forum. There's a wealth of information here. I'm just trying to structure it into my schedule to make it here on a regular basis. I consider it very enriching to my training and business development. Every time I visit I log off with another resourceful idea or piece of information.
  8. I really like this structure... can you help me though think how I might be able to adjust it for my newest client? He came to me a bit over six weeks ago needing a VA for what he estimated might be 20 hours a week for customer service calls and follow-up, constant contact management, assistance completing paperwork, and other miscellaneous tasks. I set a reduced and trial hourly rate and contract period of 30-days, which I now need to significantly modify. We have gotten off to a very rocky start. The first couple of weeks were spent staying tied to the phone waiting for him to call me to complete some orientation and training on his system that he was actually just implementing. He would say he would call at 1:00 and then not call until almost at the end of the business day. As I understood his busy schedule and interruptions, I spent 2 evenings working with him late just to get started. I need to better structure my availability and implement a retainer fee structure that would cover the miscellaneous tasks that only take a few minutes here and there, as well as compensate me for holding my schedule for him. I just don't feel right charging him for hours that I don't actually work. The reality is the hours have ranged from only 1 to just over 6 hours in a week. At the same time, I need a basic rate for working normal business hours and a rate for working evenings. At this time, I have been billing him weekly, but he just ran 3 weeks late - but has paid me for all 3 weeks at once. Hmmm... not sure how to go from an hourly structure to a retainer structure... can you please help me??? Thank you.
  9. Thank you. I like the terminology combination - professional virtual assistant!
  10. I have had conflicting thoughts of changing the way I reference myself and the business from mere assistant to professional. Professional sounds better and more mature, but as clients are beginning to understand and search the business for assistants - assistant seems to be more familiar and appropriate for my business.
  11. I have been working the business at different levels for over 3 years now. Most of the 3 years, I have also had to work full time. It's been very difficult fighting exhaustion and fatigue. I have usually spent the day on a computer and coming home to get back on the computer has been difficult. I have tried to have the viewpoint that my "employer" was an "on site" client, but it's still been challenging. There's been work that I have had to pass up due to my lack of daytime availability. There's been clients that I have been unable to follow-up in a timely fashion due to my day J.O.B. Around the holidays last year, I was able to get a full time client for a few months. His funding ran out and I was unable to continue my work with him. I have learned a lot about the challenges of juggling other work and balancing marketing for a manageable work flow. At times, it has felt like I have been making a choice between maintaining full time work and my business. It has been a practical situation to maintain the full time work. I was in the process of changing my business model to incorporate subcontractors when I just lost my latest full time job. This week I am launching my second full time attempt. It is getting easier and I am encouraged. It is not easy, but I am confident that my growth potential will be rewarding for my business. I bet I will continue to tweak my business model for sometime to come as it stabilizes. What's that statistic about the success of a business? Is it after 5 years it is more likely to survive?
  12. I'm planning and organizing my contacts for a distribution in similar fashion through Constant Contact. A free 60 day trial is available at their website: http://www.constantcontact.com/pricing/index.jsp. I have received newsletters through them and have heard they are great for distribution management. They provide the opt-in/out link features automatically for you. There are other benefits you can explore at their site. Have a great day!
  13. I'm refreshing the page on my website that explains what a virtual assistant is and their benefits. Do you know of any recent articles published that I might be able to link to on my page? Thank you.
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