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  1. Hi, ladies. Here's my first Ezine article: Paperless Cloud for Attorneys Equals Time and Money Savings http://ezinearticles.com/?Paperless-Cloud-for-Attorneys-Equals-Time-and-Money-Savings&id=6940134 Arlene
  2. With so many lawyers opening virtual offices, could anyone shed any light on whether there is any growth in the legal virtual assistant market? Thank you, Arlene
  3. Hello! I'm Arlene in Illinois, and I just started my VA business, Virtual Assistant on Hand, Inc. I had been employed primarily as a legal secretary for more than 20 years. My website is www.virtualassistantonhand.com. My other interests are cloud and mobile phone technology and cooking. I am glad that I found the vanetworking site and appreciate all the hard work to provide information to newbies like me! Arlene
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