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  1. Tracey, That's a fabulous idea! I have a few networking functions lined up this month and I'm going to use that idea for my business cards. Thank you! ~ Deborah
  2. Hi, Shannon! I'm over in Redmond....not too far from you. Just wanted to say hello. I'm new to virtual assisting although my experience in the administrative field covers almost two decades. I look forward to seeing you here in the forums! ~ Deborah
  3. Hello from beautiful Washington State! Your Name: Deborah LaHaela Your Website URL (if applicable): www.UtopianOfficeSolutions.com Years in Business: Just opened this month Description of your Business, including any specialties: * Specializing in event planning and management * Tradeshow planning and management, representation if desired * Special event planning and management * Additionally, I offer a plethora of administrative support focusing on small businesses On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Redmond, WA Are you married? How long?: I am currently going through a divorce which should be finalized later this year. Any kids and how old? I am a very proud Mom of a 15 year old girl, 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl Hobbies & Interests: I love traveling, road trips (with loud 80's hair metal pumping through the radio of course!), hiking, camping, skiing, facebook, new technology, game nights with friends and the occasional video game. How did you hear about us? Through the extensive researching I've been doing on virtual assistants, this website was mentioned often. I have looked into the possibility of opening my own virtual assistant business for years. The current circumstances in my life open a perfect door leading me down the path to finally realize that dream! I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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