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  1. Hi everyone! I have enjoyed meeting several of you on the first session today! If you haven't already, let's connect here and on FB, LI, TW, G+, etc! See you on the web!
  2. Can't wait to attend all of the sessions this week. It will be one packed, but fun time!
  3. I have a similar situation with a very busy client. He is not currently using my services because he goes about it "old school" style and doesn't know how to interact with a "virtual" assistant although I was going to his home office once a week. This was once my biggest client, my bread and butter. He has expert skills and knowledge. He was very efficient with our time and set aside things to discuss when I was there but a lot of it would be accessing files on his computer. We set up ALL the bells and whistles, so I have access to his computer via LogMeIn, access to ALL his logins and IDs to various items, even reconciled his bank account and credit card statements. He just couldn't figure out how to delegate things to me when I wasn't there as he used to work in a corporate office where he had an assistant sitting just outside his door. And when he did find things to pass to me, it was hard to find times he wasn't on his computer to access it to do the things I needed. I need to brainstorm ideas to cater to a very successful business man/professor/doctorate enrolee to get back on his radar. He has apologized profusely that he can't figure out ways to use me better because he knows I can help him and he could definitely use my services! Some of the things I have done for him in the past were: scanning docs/convert to PDF, bank reconciliation through his Quickbooks desktop account, research, filing, organizing, printing (I have a duplexer and he doesn't), basic business card creation, presentation formatting (PowerPoint or Word to Illustrator/PDF...pay online bills if not already automatic draft and save PDF copies, travel arrangements (but also does it himself or hires travel agency), schedule appointments with his clients (but that rarely happened as he just did it himself). How do you go about managing someone else's emails or handling correspondence if you don't know the answers to their questions? How do you help clients manage their own to-do lists? This client is very ambitious and determined, but maybe overly so. Money isn't an issue for him. Just time and delegation know-how. I'd love to have this client back! He was one of my first and was never even on a contract. He knows I have contracts now (and a website), and that doesn't scare him. Perhaps if I could just come to him with some ideas and package offerings, then he would easily buy into it.
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