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  1. Guessing the UK VA group isn't up and running any more? Would have been great to get the UK representation going on here! Great to be able to talk to someone in your own time zone too!! James James John Solutions Ltd
  2. Hi all - I'm going to follow the guide lines set out by Tawnya to introduce myself. My name is James Barnett and I am brand new to the world of the VA! I have recently formed James John Solutions Ltd (www.jamesjohnsolutions.com (1st class thinker me!)) which I intend running part time alongside my full time job. I have been working in the admin/sales industry for over 10 years ever since studying Engineering at Cardiff University. In my time I have done many roles including, switchboard management, sales & purchase ledger clerk and diary management. I then transferred companies within the group and took over the Customer Services & Warehouse Management of a Medical Stock Product Company. After 4 years of continual growth I made the move into Field Sales looking after the Wales & NW England areas. I am also studying to be a qualified bookkeeper and hope that this will become my speciality with my other skills gained in doing these varied jobs over the years will help me to become a well rounded VA. Unfortunately 4 years ago I went into renal failure (don't worry I knew it was coming!) and was put on dialysis. It was during my recovery time that I first came across the idea of a VA. Soon enough though, due to the marvels of medicine, I was well enough to return to work. 1 year later I received the greatest gift of my life! During my recovery from the kidney transplant I rediscovered the idea of VA and was truly hooked! Yet again medicine worked its magic and I returned to work - far too preoccupied with staying healthy and a 9-5 job (and demanding hobby) to think of progressing as a VA. 3 weeks ago I injured myself (torn calf!) whilst training for a marathon (stupid idea in the 1st place, I know!). This time I was determined not to let this opportunity pass. So I have grabbed it with both hands and am refusing to let go. The idea of being able to let the 9-5 go and work hard for your own benefit and not someone else’s is truly inspiring and I cannot wait to get involved. I am a single (and looking!) guy living in Pontypridd who spends most of his spare time working for the Territorial Army, walking up mountains or raising money for Kidney Research Wales. I am so glad that I found this amazing resource and I look forward to getting to know you all! Best Wishes James
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