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  1. Thanks Everybody!! No But seriously, only if you all knew I may have been in the meeting with the client however all the words that came out of my mouth were pieces of all of you. (just picture me giving a presentation and after each sentence you hear a new voices coming out of my mouth. LOL.) Thank you VAN!!! My tagline for this forum is "I Love this PLACE"
  2. Jennifer & Gabby you are the best !!! Thank you both for everything. Gabby it worked your are the MAN!!!!! However, I still have one problem when I type in =.6*.4 in any blank cell that equals 24 (mins) which I want. When the combobox and .6 formula equates (ex. =j19*k19) it comes out to 3.00 or 3. Please dont kill me but, can you help me with this? Is there a round up or down that I can take off or something else that? Thank you both again Kamillah I love this PLACE
  3. Thank you, I did that and it still just shows the formula. Do you think I am using the wrong formula. I have tried it several ways it still doesn't work. I don't know what to do. Kamillah Hmmm... I wonder if you have show formulas turned on. Under tools, options, on the view tab, there should be a section called windows options. If formulas is checked off, uncheck it.
  4. Hey Jennifer, Thats what I am having a problem with is the drop down list that I created (I did it the same way you explained) Now when I pick the data from the drop down box in (C19) to be .25 and then I go to (D19) and put in the formula =.6*C19 and hit enter it just showe =.6*C19 and not the total. Please help if you can Thank you Hi Kamillah, If I understand what you're trying to say, then the solution would be to create a data validation drop down. Pick a column and list the possible entries for your drop down. Then pick the cell where you'd like the actual dropdown to be. Click on Data, Validation, then, on the Settings tab, select List in the Allow box. In the Source, select the column of numbers you entered for the dropdown. Click OK. You can drag this format down to the rows below. The dropdown doesn't appear until you click on the cell. You should now be able to perform calculations on the value you put in the cell. If you're still having problems, or if I've misunderstood the issue, let me know and I'll try to give you a hand with it. Regards, Jennifer Jacura My Office Worker emailme@myofficeworker.com
  5. Hey Everyone, I really need some help with Excel; I have a lawyer client who wants me to do her billing in 6 min increments (she does it by hand) and was designing an Excel invoice to do it for me. I created the formula .6*(.1, .2, and so on) that would calculate that amount in the cell next to it. I put all of the increments (10 because there are 10 set of 6min in an hour) in a drop down box in a column. now when I tell the totaling cell to equate =.6* the cell # it acts like it doesn't recognize the info that was picked from the drop down box even though when you click on the cell and you look at the formula bar it show what you have picked. Ex . . . . 25 (which =15 mins) from the drop down box. If I manually type in =.6*.25 it then gives me the correct answer why wont it recognize what I have pick from the drop down box? However, it is no use to me if I have to type each one in manually (that is what she does any way). Can anyone help me I have been up all night trying to figure this out? Anyone??? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Kamillah
  6. Hey Everyone, My name is Kamillah, I am new to the VA sceen however I have been on the VAN for several months reading, reading and reading more. Sucking up as much info from you all as my brain will allow. I have even had to not sign on for a few days because my brain would be in overload and I would be on here for days and hours while my husband asks for his socks, the children ask for food and even if they can get $1000.00 (my son did ask me that but I snapped out of my trans right after I said yes). Anywho, Thank you all for being here!! Because of you all I have gotten my first client (on reatiner) (thanks Angela Smith) and I am working on a name so that I can lauch my webstie (by the way you all have take all the good names and taglines!!) LOL Thank you again Kamillah
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