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  1. Hey T! Great series I may just have a Top Ten List of my own to add. I will forward it to you shortly.
  2. Congratulations Jaime and family. Welcome to the world Shelby.
  3. Great press release Vonda and congratulations on your new site...it looks great.
  4. Congratulations Angela. It sounds like a valuable resource. Ok, I just read the free excerpt and all I have to say WOW. Great job Angela! I can't wait to read the whole thing.
  5. I received the emails as well. I think it could be a great resource.
  6. I have this problem too, I'm a helper. I should tell my beau about your strategy with Arnie Tawnya; it might just work on me too.
  7. Great Article Therese....thank you! I'm going to be sending this to my mother right away. Nice to see you back with us Therese; I haven't seen you here in a while.
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