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    I love photography, hiking, camping, and travel. My hobbies include crafts such as scrapbooking, crochet, and soap-making.
  1. Thank you all. I became an VAinsider last week and am so pleased to get started absorbing all the wonderful information. There are challenges when it comes to living in the RV, but my husband is wonderful about making sure I keep my internet going. So far in the areas we've stayed, we have wonderful internet connection. I mostly use a Verizon internet card that gets 4G or 3G connections. I rarely have problems. Some places we stay has internet included in their monthly fee. My husband is staying informed with other full-time RV bloggers to see how they stay connected as we consider working in more remote places. Technology is wonderful!!!
  2. Hello all. I'm a newbie to the forum and have been browsing through topics for the past few weeks and have found that the posts help me stay focused on my goal...to become my own boss. I've been working in business administration for about twenty years now, primarily in the medical field. Currently, I work for a management company of medical imaging offices. Over the 10 years I've been with the company, I've seen many changes and have worn many hats. My position with this company has evolved into a virtual manager of the imaging offices we manage. The company has shrunk to the point that we felt no need to pay rent on corporate office space and now I work from home. Home for me has changed. Four years ago, my job moved my family from Missouri to Florida. My husband and I were not interested in purchasing a home in Florida for many reasons. After my daughter graduated high school last year and moved back to Missouri for college, my husband and I decided to sell everything and live in our RV. By doing this, I've been able to travel to the imaging offices I continue to manage and spend a good block of time (a month or two) to aid in outstanding projects and in general keep up employee morale. It seems more effective than flying in for a day or so. Like I said, I now work from my RV, where ever I may be. Even when traveling and if an urgent project comes up, I've been known to have my husband stop at a rest area and I crank up the internet and get busy while he rests and gets ready to drive again. Although I have been very fortunate with the flexibility of my schedule with the current company I work for, I know that I must move on due to the continued shrinking of the company. In looking at what I can do and what I've been doing, starting up my own VA business simply makes sense. I already have the set-up and experience, I simply need to get in gear and begin working for myself to network, market, and obtain clients. For months now, I've been thinking about the idea, but something was holding me back. I have to get out of the mindset of working for others and transition to the mindset of entrepreneur. I have obtained my tax id and working on my website. I am glad these forums are out there and look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks, Gayla
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