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    Three years, on the web, in 2012, I joined up with Eric Facas, of Google, to work with non-profits and love every morning I am able share my experiences.

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  1. Hell Dunn Va live in Joplin, MO myself we are about an half hour drive from Tulsa, Ok great meeting you .
  2. Hello Stephanie, didn't hurt much=)was just time consuming the main thing and I don't want to brand myself as someone who promotes hype=)
  3. Just needed to find a place I could blow off some steam about the industry I am in, I spent months building a relationship with someone I met inside the SWOM network who introduced me to earningsip.com something I thought would bring in some easy cash, according to them anyway, they pay you two dollars USD for every website visitor you bring to the website. I brought 27 off twitter and 3 off face book, that is 30 visits and $60 payout is at $50 I took the surveys~which was another requirement to get paid, then requested pay out sent to my paypal, I wasn't paid, and the webmaster is unreachable my emails bounce mailer daemon sends me the message it can't deliver, did some research , other than the fact, many scam sites are now reviewing earningsip there is no other information available. I was going to post this to face book, but afraid of what it will do to any credibility I may have earned. I am so sick of hype, I am just an honest man doing all he can to earn an honest income using the internet.
  4. Yeah, I am with you women on how nice to get 100 unique visits each day, over three years working around websites and one year of that was dedicated to learning SEO alone, and now I can get 22-25 unique hits per day and usually 1 referral a month. I threw SEO out something to outsource unless you can do better than huge corporations that hire entire seo teams to keep you listed. Or just have the funds to pay search engines to keep you listed PPC. I have seen people do very well with paid advertising on Youtube and Face Book, looks good in webinars=) and pinterest seems to be doing well for people.Still seems the more you can outsource the easier your business becomes? I mean look at industry greats like Colonel Sanders=) he was the outsourcing king.
  5. Hello Marie, Hostgator, will allow you to host multiple sites on one domain name, and it is always, best to try and get a .com or.net for network if that is unavailable.
  6. Thank You, ladies, love both of your post, and other readers' viewing it may also see the value, great participation.
  7. One of my many mentors once, told me that an expert is someone who knows more than the other person,but what is a professional? how would you define what is professionalism in an online environment? I read, an article about two months ago, that the author, was not happy, she went into a department store, and was well groomed, in her mind a true professional in her field, but no one served her for quite awhile,they spent a lot of time with a person dressed in drab, just because, they thought this person might have more money. of course, the article was based on depleting customer service, and how not everyone is treated equally. But, if this woman, had taken her time to groom right, what reason was she not viewed as an equal to the person, who just threw themselves together? does this also; apply to the internet? do you think more attention goes to those who just wing it, or are the more professional people the ones you invest in? how do you determine, if someone is professional or not based on first impressions?
  8. Good Question, I don't use social oomph, so, really couldn't tell you, I either update my tweets by adding something to my face book fan page, or use buffer to automate my twitter and face book postings.
  9. nrmctheny Your services are fine, they are short and to the point,defines the what is it well, what we need to know, is compared to others doing the same thing, what makes you so unique?also,list pricing in your service,people not only want to know what it is, but also; how much does it cost.
  10. Maybe we should just call them something else, any ideas? New Member 0-50 posts Regular Member 50-500 post Long Time Member 500+ posts I like those Tawnya,
  11. Yep, thank you Linda, for keeping us informed.
  12. VA God/dess in Training, just had to do that saw, that above my name, and the song Venus,came to my head, sharing something a little different than business. Many blessings ladies,and stay cool , and drink lots of water.
  13. Ronnie To me my brand is how others recognize my business. I use colors (light blue and gray), a logo and sometimes my tagline. Although I don't use my logo in my signature in this forum. So whenever people see any of my brochures, business cards, etc., they recognize that it's my business that they are seeing (even when they don't recognize me in person). Awesome,awesome, thank you , Linda,
  14. Traci, very good,my problem is I have not been selling them anything and giving them the what, why, and how for free, it has resulted in some sales, but not enough to go full -time, now I see what I was doing wrong, it is like the fisherman dumping his worms into the lake, and not actually, setting one on the hook=) some fish may get close to the boat you can grab in a net, but, for the most part your still going what did I do wrong=)Good stuff, thank you , for sharing.
  15. *APPLAUDS* Marvelous, once again, your over delivering and I love it.
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