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  1. Welcome aboard, Julie! You'll find this a great site for learning and development. ~ Catherine
  2. Terrific, Traci! So good to hear that the VA world is quite in demand. Remember to stay healthy.
  3. At the moment, I'm attempting to learn more about WordPress, particularly how to add sub-pages to pages. Can someone, more knowledgeable that I on this, please let me know the secret? Thanks in advance!
  4. For those of you who might be seeking new ideas for time management, here are a few tools I've discovered this week. Does anybody have personal experience with any of these? Evernote (mentioned by many of you) - http://evernote.com/ Google Calendars ( a frequent choice) Nozbe for projects - http://www.nozbe.com/ Outlook for calendar and planning Excel for creating your own planning schedule Dropbox - https://vajot.com/dropbox OmniFocus (for Macs) - http/www.omnigroup.com Catherine
  5. Greetings! Today I succeeded at completing my LinkedIn Portfolio and acquiring additional Connections. If you would like to Connect, please visit my page: www.linkedin.com/in/catherineterry (Sorry that I mis-phrased this earlier today. It was very early hours for us in the U.K. ) Catherine
  6. Thank you Danielle and Traci for your replies. Traci, your LinkedIn page looks marvelous. Grand idea!
  7. I've been working on getting my personal information together in order to further develop my business. Has anyone had any experience creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? Do you prefer a CV or a Resume'? Which do you feel that a client would prefer? Thanks so much! Catherine
  8. Congratulations! Either way, it shows that you're on the right track and have skills which are of interest to others. Keep strong!
  9. Welcome Bettina, it's good to have you! I hope that you'll feel comfortable learning your way around here. It's a great "neighborhood".
  10. I would like to hear if others have experienced Elance as well. I did some checking around the web on them, but would like to hear if anyone has any personal experience with them. Thanks so much. Catherine
  11. Thank you for your reply, Traci. I appreciate it. I'm open to both possibilities, and would like to learn more about each. Catherine
  12. Welcome to VA Networking! I'm another newbie and can let you know that you'll enjoy it here. You & I share a military background, with both spouses enlisted. (Actually mine is DOD, but he was active for 24-years.) All the Best, Catherine
  13. Hi, Traci! I'm new to V.A. Networking also so I am pleased to welcome you aboard. You'll like it here and learn a lot. Today I registered my name with the state of Colorado by going to http://www.sos.state.co.us/biz/FileDoc.do If you're in California, you might check out http://www.sos.ca.gov/business/be/starting-a-business.htm It's not similar to the page I used for Colorado, but it's about starting a business in CA and you should be able to locate the page you need. Good luck! Catherine
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