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  1. Thanks for the welcomes all. I want to listen to the webinar about Pinerest from June. Can someone provide me the link to that please. Thanks, Diana
  2. Diana B

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    Glad to see another current blog in the forum. What's Digg Digg?
  3. The topic title above is the tagline and a play on my name, Diana Ball. The company is DRJ Ball Adminiistrative Services, LLC. I registered my business as an LLC in January of 2012. I hope you will take a look at my website. I am open to any and all input and hope to make some VA friends and get this business on the fast track to viabilty. Hope to hear from you soon, Diana R. Jackson-Ball, President DRJ Ball Administrative Services, LLC http://www.drjballadmin.com/
  4. I am a brand new member of the VA Insider network and find this discussion intriging. There seems to be an advantage to both opinions. I would think that a business searching for a VA would sometimes being looking to achieve a one time service for something specific and at other clients would need a varity of multiple services. Relative to trusting other VA's to do quality work, I think that is a valid concern. How do those of you who do subcontract and or refer to others screen those VA's?
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