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  1. there are books, and tutorials.. It's extremely easy and addictive. I have my @AubeVirtual account for business and then I have my personal account. I think the best thing is for you to 1st) choose a twitter application most of us use HootSuite its a social media dashboard that allows you to add content to your blog, facebook, facebook fan page, linkedin, and twitter at the same time if you choose too. Then come back and ask some of us for our twitter handles.. We can follow you, you can follow us (sorta like FB friending) Start tweeting and other followers (friends/relationships) will come to you! \ Good luck
  2. In an effort to gain more knowledge about being a small business owner, I met with a SCORE counselor yesterday. We talked about various things, including my website. I told him that I had a link on my website to my services page, where I list various things that I do. From that page I have a link to my "Rates and Information" page. He told me that he wouldn't necessarily put rates and information on the website. If people wanted to know my prices, why wouldn't they call or email. They may take the information on my page to use as a negotiation tool with another vendor, instead of actually calling me. Furthermore he gave this example. When you think of Walmart you think of "Low prices" Walmart advertises their prices. When you think of Nordstrom what do you think?? "High Quality" but Nordstrom doesn't advertise their prices. If they can afford your services clients will let you know, but advertising your rates on your site cheapens your product. How many VA's have their rates on their site?
  3. I am grateful for Tawnya and her forums (here and LinkedIn). I've met so many other successful VA's to give helpful advice. My business is a Human Resources Virtual Assistance Agency. I help small business with Workers' Compensation, Leaves, compliance, performance appraisals, compensation analysis, discipline tracking, payroll, benefits, and any other Human Resources needs they may have.!!!! My web address is www.AubeVirtual.com, though the site is being revised, the changes will appear shortly
  4. I'm located in Cleveland Ohio, and have posted a few times on how I'm attempting to gain a corporate client base for my Human Resoruces VA business. Was wondering if there were any face to face networking opportunities or conferences in the midwest?
  5. Oh, my website is www.AubeVirtual.com, I got some suggestions on my website recently and working to change some things
  6. I've never been to a speed networking event, but I've been to speed dating..LOL. I would love to go to a speed networking event. I'm working on my elevator pitch How does this sound, please critique, "Hi I'm Dawntae Jackson, my company Aube Virtual can help your organization with all of their Human Resources need"
  7. Hi Traci, yes, I'm on LinkedIn under my full name Dawntae Jackson, I joined here under teh business name, maybe I should have joined under my name. I am marketing to local businesses right now, I need to attempt to market to a larger market cross country. I saw someone suggest ResourceUSA, I think tht will assist me in getting a larger market
  8. My start up is a Human Resources Virtual Assistance Agency. I had someone look at my website and they told me that my website should be more specific in telling my potential customers what they need, instead of me listing the services I provide. I am working on revising my website. In the meantime, I have yet to get my first client, though I know that my services are needed. I am planning to market myself to small to medium businesses. Places that employ people, but may not have someone there to do dedicated Human Resources functions. I can offer those at a cheaper rate than hiring an HR person, or ownership spending time receiving training attempting to learn HR ins and out themselves. Does anyone have any suggestions on gaining new clients? I try to go to networking events once every two weeks.
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