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    I am a Rennie and a theatre geek who's trying to figure out how to make her way in the VA world.

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  1. Hi everyone, My mother is a yoga instructor with a heart condition. She wants to start a business and focus on serving people with disabilities, cancer survivors, and people with chronic illnesses. She also wants to create a calender book filled with tips and and general information about health and wellness, and allow room for people to write in notes, feelings, whatever. (Think of it like a pretty ledger book with pictures). I can do a website for her, and I can handle any social media stuff, and help her write any content, but I don't do graphics too well. I've done some research for her, and I think I've got a basic cost idea, but I wondered if anyone out there could give me a ball-bark figure. I assume there would be pictures on every page and a logo too. Any thoughts? Thank you! Megan
  2. Hey everybody, I know I've been asking a lot of question in here, and I hope you all won't mind another one. I've been learning web design, and have decided to offer it as my first service in my VA business. I know I am a long while yet from opening for business, but I figured I should start thinking about rates now, so that I don't end up putting off opening later, because I can't decide what to charge. I know it will partly depend on how long it takes me to do an actual website. I of course will design my own, and offer up trades to other new VAs--a websites in exchange for some other service. I figured that way, we can help each other practice and build our businesses at the same time. But when it comes down to actually charging, I've been trying to do some research. I've found many people who operate by quotes, and others who sell website packages. That's all well and good, but they didn't appear to be new to web design like me. I was thinking $100-150. Do you think that's a good guess for now?
  3. Thanks Mena, and everyone else for weighing in. I'm still new and have been trying to learn VA-ing several months. (Actually, it'll be a year in October). I don't even have a site yet, so I'm a long way from affiliating anything, lol. But it is certainly something to remember for the future. Thank you everybody! Megan
  4. Hey all, I'm just curious, does any one here have multiple businesses, or is anyone in the process of starting a second. I am building a VA business, but I also have an idea for a brick and mortar business, and a fundraiser. I am not foolish. I realize I am going to have to do them one at a time. The brick and mortar thing is years down the road anyway. I'm just wondering, does anyone have two business ventures going, and what has it been like for you to do both? Thanks in advance, Megan
  5. Never mind guys. I figured it out. Thanks all, Megan
  6. Hey all. I started blogging a long time ago, and quickly learned that a should have had some content ready before I started blogging. I\'d like to revitalize my old blog as well as start a new one, so I set the new one to private, thinking I can write a few things, make it pretty, and THEN officially launch it. I also set my old one to private, but I'm seeing now that it looks like I can\'t change them back to completely public. I hope this is not the case, but am I right? Can you make a private blog public? Thanks everyone, Megan
  7. Thanks Danielle, Sorry about the double posting. I didn't think this one went through, so I wrote it again, haha.
  8. Hi all, I have a friend who is originally a U.S. citizen, and is currently living in Canada, hoping to obtain citizenship. As she is not yet a legal citizen, she cannot legally work in Canada. She is very good with graphics and is a great writer, I think she would be a really good VA, and I know she would be grateful for the work. The thing is, she moved to Canada for love, and is afraid to attempt to start a VA business, because she thinks it might be considered illegal. She doesn't want to do anything that might end up getting her kicked out of the country. I have told her I didn't think so, because it's an online business, which mean she could take it with her anywhere anyway. Am I right? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Let me know when you can. Thanks everybody! Megan
  9. Hey all, I have a friend who is very skilled with graphics and is a gifted writer. She moved from the U.S. to Canada, and is now living there on visas until she qualifies for citizenship. As she is not a legal citizen yet, she cannot work. I've told her about the VA industry. She's extremely intelligent, and I think she would be really good at it, and I know she goes crazy sometimes, not having a job. She is apprehensive though because she moved to Canada for love, and she doesn't want to do anything that would get her kicked out of the country and separated from her fella. I told her I didn't think it would be illegal to start online business, immigrant or not, because she could take it with her anywhere anyway, but I wanted to make sure, and see if maybe I could talk her into it. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks Y'all! Virtually Yours, Megan Norlin.
  10. Thank you Ruth and Ashliew! Ruth, I have sent you an e-mail. Ashliew, what is the best way to contact you? Thank you both so much! Talk to you soon, Megan
  11. By the way, I hope this is the right place to put this...If it needs to be taken down, no worries!
  12. Hi Everyone! My name is Megan. I've posted in this forum a few times before, but I'm still brand new to this whole VA thing. I've learned a lot, (especially from the VAVS conference). But there's still so much that I don't know, and ideally, I would love to learn some of it while working under someone else. You're probably wondering what I would like my niche to be. Well, my plan right now is to start with general administrative things, until I get my feet wet. Then, I'd like to expand into blogging, internet marketing, and virtual event planning, so that i might one day work with writers, artists. I was an English and Theatre major in school, so I love to write. I would be happy to work with anyone who will take me on for little to nothing, but I should make it clear that when I say I'm new, I'm really new. I don't even have a website or anything. I know some of you might be leary about taking a brand-newbie on, but I am happy to answer any questions, and address concerns. If you wish to discuss things privately, feel free to find me on skype (meganhillary). So, what do you guys think? Anybody want and intern....? I'm sure I can find a way to bring you coffee...
  13. Thank you so much Sarah! I haven't touched my LinkedIn in ages because I wasn't having much success finding a job. I'll definately have to revitalize it sometime this evening. Anybody who attended the webinar, how about we help each other out, get connected, and give each other feedback somehow on our profiles?
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