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  1. Frances, Great suggestions!! Makes me want to go to a trade show...hmmmm..
  2. I also use PDF995 and love it (I do a quick email check during the 30 second advertisement!)...
  3. I was going to suggest what Angela did...that's a low-cost (free) option for your client until they need an autoresponder....Outlook is great for setting it and forgetting it - just watch for those reminders!
  4. Nancy, great work!!! You are helping us all by getting the work about VAs, and what we do, "out there"! Congratulations....
  5. He's beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Kara


    Hi Kathy, Don't let this get you down for long. We've all been there one way or another. So, grab some comfort food, chow down and get back up tomorrow raring to go. My husband always says two words when I need ecouragement "next client!"...That goes for the ones that aggravate me or that are picky. You may want to trust your gut as well - you did say that if she were a regular client you could see her being a pain...Hmmmmm....Maybe it's worked out that it didn't work out! Best of luck - "next client!"
  7. Tawnya, Excellent advice to remember! I like the whole "sleeping at night thing" I've got going People need to consider taking the high road a bit more often. It's very easy to get lulled into "nobody knows me" sort of thing on the internet and get aggressive or rude... Well, great reminder!
  8. Hi Kitty, Great angle on the press release (saving the environment, who would have guessed?!). I think you've done a great job with your press release. The only sentence that was a bit awkward for me (and it could just be me!) was Simply answered, she is the secretary of now and into the future...I get what you are saying but it sounded a bit off to me. You did a great job. Good luck getting some press!
  9. Hi, Great advice - keep networking and you'll see the rewards. Network in person, on line and in the grocery store! My first client found me through the IVAA directory about 4 months after I "opened my doors for business". Three clients have found me that way. I've listed my business on every directory that I could. However, it was slow going at first. One thing I need to work on is joining a chamber and actually getting the nerve to GO! Best of luck to you. Have patience and persevere. They will come..
  10. Tawnya, What a great idea.... Shoot for the stars! (I couldn't resist - I already filled out the questionnare! *grin*) Best of luck,
  11. I'm with Rosaliene! I soak up the tips you provide in "Writing Wisely Tips" as well as Angela's "Weekly Grammar Tips". But, when in question I pull out my Gregg Reference Manual or the Chicago Manual of Style..There are just too many rules to remember! Dy, that's a great resource. Can't wait to check it out. I looked on www.brainbench.com but they don't have any tests for grammar (business writing, yes). Good question, Lauren
  12. Kim, don't feel beat up!! You did a fantastic job. We all want you to get as much response as possible from the post cards! We are rooting for you Good luck!
  13. Hi Cheryl, Have you tried the IAAP (International Association for Administrative Professionals)? I think their website is IAAP. I don't know if they have a forum but they are the group that first comes to mind. Good luck,
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