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  1. Hi everybody. I've been a member here since VANA first started, but have been inactive for several years, while running a different business. Now, I've combined the old with the new and am back to reintroduce myself. I have been involved in office admin work long before there were VAs. "Back in the day" as they say, I was a secretary and owned five different offices. I have, for the most part, always been a brick and mortar where my clients were local and walked in whenever they needed something. Instrumental in starting the executive suite concept, I am now in the process of creating a cowork center where not only do we rent desk space, but hold meetings, provide training, and do admin work for people here locally and virtually as well. My specialty is tape transcription, but as I have a PhD and have tutored for many years, I also do a lot of work with writing, editing and helping those who's English is not their first language. I am proud to be both mentor and student...there is always so much to learn and to apply to any business endeavor. If anyone knows of work that needs to be completed and someone is looking for a VA that can handle quick turnaround on tapes, or other work, please give me a shout. Thanks for listening, and I hope all are having a great day. Nancy
  2. I use them for another business of mine, www.ssbinitiative.com. They are easy to manage and do a good job. I'm going to be changing, however, in the near future, as I am not a web designer and I want to do some things with my site that are beyond the capability of OfficeLive. But if you just want a basic site, it is quite good. Nancy
  3. Thanks, guys. I used an Access database years ago and moved to ACT! because it had more of what I needed (after spent well over $1000 to have special programming done). I've found a program called memberTies which looks like it'll work just fine, but costs and this is a brand new organization with no $$$ so was hoping for open source software.
  4. Does anyone manage memberships for organizations? I'm looking for software (preferably Open Source) that allows me to add members, manage their member info, their membership payments, and all other things that membership associations need to keep info on. I used ACT! in the past but was hoping to find something else. Thanks. Nancy
  5. Hey, Pat. Great to see you here. This is a super group of men and women who are all ready, willing and able to support us and share with us. I know you'll enjoy it. Hope to see you at a MIVA event soon, as well. Take care. Hugs, Niki The Work Place Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978 www.workplaceadmin.com nancy@workplaceadmin.com 269-503-7350
  6. Crystal, lots of places do breakfast meetings and hold them in restaurants that may have back or side rooms, etc. People buy their own food should they want it, but don't have to. I would however, recommend that you do charge something as it is often seen as a "more important" event that people NEED to come to. I have tried running meetings like this for free and got nobody, but when I started charging an entrance fee or membership fee, I got people to sign up. Go figure. Niki
  7. I wasn't offended. Was just saying that I'd never heard of spinning before. It was a new concept to me.
  8. I've been doing this for many years, and I'm a writer, so I know when something is plagiarized or not. But I've never heard of spinning, so this was a new concept for me.
  9. I find this very interesting info as just the other day while surfing my Google VA alerts I came across an article that made me stop and do a double take as there was an article written by someone that was exactly what I have written on my blog. The words, for the most part, were different (although some were exactly the same), but the idea was definitely MINE. I was amazed and angry but didn't know what to do about it. I felt violated. All my hard work and thought and effort and there was someone else getting the credit. Mine hadn't shown up on Google alerts, so the people's comments were for HER, not me. It hurt. Nancy Sherman The Work Place: doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
  10. It's fine. I use it constantly. Nancy Sherman The Work Place -- doing the work while you take care of business, since 1978
  11. Hi there. I am looking for an association management software that is relatively inexpensive yet powerful. I should be a bit like ACT! but I'm starting a small association and I need to be able to maintain member information: i.e., when they joined, how they paid, answers to some questions, type of business they run, who they are, etc. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks. Nancy Sherman The Work Place Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
  12. 2000! I can't keep up with my 200! YIKES. Niki Sherman The Work Place: Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
  13. Hey Esther, I'm another of the MI crew. I'm on the opposite side of the state from Dana -- just south of Kalamazoo. Both VANA and MIVA are great groups and we welcome you. If you want to talk give me a holler any time.
  14. Welcome! Where in Michigan are you? There's a great group of VAs here in MI. Niki Sherman The Work Place Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
  15. Hi Gwynne. I'm in Michigan too. Where are you located? East or West side of the state? I'm southcentral, about 45 miles from Kalamazoo. Niki The Work Place Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
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