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  1. I think this is a great idea and I'll do my best to "be there". Niki Sherman The Work Place Doing the work while you take care of business -- since 1978
  2. Thanks for the thoughts Annalisa. Mastermind groups IS the name for this type of group. Similar to BNI or other types of networking groups, this is a specific name and is used for this type of organization. Do a quick search under mastermind and you'll see what I'm referring to. Nancy
  3. Hi all. Some of you know that I'm getting ready to vamp up my business in a new state (actually where I grew up and have had a small business for many years). We're going to be doing many NEW and different things, and I want to submit a press release to the newspaper. I'm already a contributing author to the paper and so am known, but want to put this PR in so that it makes sense, and (the true goal --->) get phone calls about joining!!!! I'd really appreciate any comments and critique that you can give me. Thanks. Nancy ------------------------- THE WORK PLACE Contact: Nancy Sherman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: 1-800-910-6124 Cell Phone: 703-835-2591 Email: nancy@workplaceadmin.com BUSINESS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES COMING TO STURGIS Small Business Owners Get a Support System Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, coined a phrase in which he defines a form of business networking as "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose." People like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Michigan's own Henry Ford were quite familiar with this concept and used it in their own organizations to gain support and success in their business. For many large companies–generally corporations–a board of directors is commonplace; but for small business, the ability to access the power of other's thoughts and perceptions in order for them to grow is much more difficult. By forming a group in which "two minds are better than one", a person has the opportunity to get a third, impartial, view of whatever business need they are working on at the moment. This group, in Hill's terminology, is called a Mastermind Group, and is where business colleagues come together to share experiences and insights into each other's company–through trust and motivation. The Mastermind Group gives members an opportunity to see their issues from another's perspective. The other members can challenge the thought process, helping to kickstart new ideas and provide referrals to each other. It also forces the individual businesses to become accountable for their own goals, and action plans. The Work Place, a business support organization in town will soon be offering just such an opportunity to the small business leaders within the community. These groups will meet on a regular basis to discuss their goals, dreams and processes through a shared, confidential regular meeting. People who join will get lots of give and take at the meetings which often makes for very powerful advantages in the business world. For more information on when and where these meetings will be held, and how to register, please call Nancy Sherman at 1-800-910-6124. She will be happy to tell you more about this and get you registered for the upcoming program. # # #
  4. Count me in on the May one!!!! Niki Sherman The Work Place, where we do the work while you take care of business 800-910-6124 Sturgis, Michigan and Arlington, Virginia
  5. Hi all. I'm really excited about a move I'm going to be making soon, and would love to have your thoughts on a Press Release I'm sending out. A little background, my business started in this small town and I moved after several years, taking it to Washington, DC with me. My parents still run it on a small scale tho. Much of the business in this town has vanished and so the idea of returning -- I think -- will be of interest to the paper and the people. My family is pretty well-known in this town as well .... Any comments would be really appreciated! Media Release Contact: Nancy Sherman President, The Work Place Fairfax, VA 22030 1-800-910-6124 Email: msladysleuth@gmail.com October 1, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Small Business Comes Home The Work Place, an administrative support company, started in Sturgis in 1986, is holding a grand reopening here this fall. The business, owned by Nancy Sherman and run by her parents, Cliff and Jean Sherman, will be entering the market again with a few new added bells and whistles. After 22 years away from home, Ms. Sherman and her partner, Ed Becher, have decided to open their business Baker Street Investigations and Security Solutions, in Sturgis where they will be conducting legal support services such as Private Investigations, Process Services, and court filings. The Work Place, which has become a division of Baker Street, will continue to provide administrative and secretarial support services to the community, but will focus on Legal, Investigative and Insurance Transcriptions as well as Investigative Report Writing and Formatting Services. Mr. Becher, retired from the Marine Corps, has been involved in the security industry for many years and holds Virginia registrations as a security instructor, Private Investigator, Bail Enforcement Agent, and Security Agent. Ms. Sherman who received her BA from Kalamazoo College and her MA (and her PhD candidacy) from Western Michigan University, has run and operated The Work Place in Virginia since 1983 (although she started the business while still in school at "K" in 1978). Ms. Sherman also has just recently completed the required coursework in the state of Virginia to become a Private Investigator. Fascinated by Sherlock Holmes, the two partners have laughingly decided to follow in his footsteps by naming their business Baker Street, in honor of Mr. Holmes offices at 21 B Baker Street in the many books written about this astute investigator. While Baker Street itself will not be open until next spring, The Work Place is operational now and waiting for any work that businesses in the area might need to have completed. Businesses can expect to reduce their payments of Social Security, Workers' Compensation, sick leave pay, health and life insurance benefits, and more when they choose to use The Work Place for their administrative support. Give them a call at 1-800-910-6124 and let them help you today! ###
  6. Its always exciting to start something new. My hopes and wishes for a great success go out to you!
  7. Thanks, Cheryl. I enjoy writing and its one of the things I do for my clients. But there's just never enough time in the day for everything. Good luck with your own blog. I'm sure it'll be a great success. Nancy
  8. I've been blogging for years now as a way of getting out my personal frustrations, but I've been wanting to do something for my business for a long time. Looking through all my materials while trying to create a new website, I realized that I have TONS of articles I've written over the years that are still just as pertinent as they were when I wrote them. So, today I've created a new blog, http://workplaceadmin.blogspot.com where I will write my thoughts on running a small business. I would welcome you all to come, look around and add thoughts and comments when appropriate. Thanks to you all here for great ideas that help inspire us all.
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