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  1. Great discussion. It's interesting that everyone is doing all the "right" things when it comes to marketing their businesses but very few are showing up in a Google search. It would appear Google rank has very little to do with running a successful VA business.
  2. That's good to know! I was beginning to think we were a lost breed. So that leads to the question - Why are we not showing up in searches? I do but they are articles and blog posts and not direct links to my site. How are solo-va's marketing their services?
  3. I was doing some research and was surprised I wouldn't find any VAs working alone in their own practice. All I could find are multi-va companies other than on sites such as Upwork or Fiverr. Where is everyone? Karen
  4. I've use them for short video creation, header and logo creation. Only had one bad experience.
  5. It's people like that who don't really understand what a virtual assistant is. Use it to educate them.
  6. I have searched for stats on average VA earnings, number of VA's in the U.S. etc and have not found anything more recent than 2004. Anyone know any resource for this information? Karen
  7. For several years, I've had many people tell me that I need to offer coaching services to virtual assistants. These suggestions have come from clients, contacts in the coaching industry and, of course, family and friends. My husband has suggested it several times over the past year and can never understand why I don't offer this service. I know I could help new VA's and those trying to grow their business. I have over seven years experience as a VA and have grown my company from a solo pratice to a multi-va practice. But, I had a dollar figure in my head - a number I had to reach to be "successful enough" to coach others. That was always my excuse. "I'm not 'there' yet." Well, guess what? I AM 'THERE'! LOL So, be a linear thinker I want to start out with a manual. I'm doing my research and thought what a better place to ask than in VAnetworking. My questions (for now) regarding the "how to be a VA manual" are: What information would you want to see covered in a book? What would you be disappointed by if it was not covered? What burning questions do you have for a veteran VA? Anything else you want to tell me? Thanks, and I will let you know my progress! Karen
  8. I use MySMS and love it. Many of my clients communicate via text and gives me a record of the conversation. -Karen
  9. After rebuilding, tweaking, optimizing - and then doing it all again - I received affirmation form a new client. First, he found me by googling one of my key words, congratulated me on my SEO and asked me who did if "for me." I was happy to say I did it! Then he proceeds to tell me that it is an excellent reflection of my work and my blog proves my expertise. So besides landing a new client, I'm dancing because my teams hard work is performing exactly like I had planned! YES! WE DID IT! Now back to tweaking.... LOL
  10. Exciting day! Found out I hit first page of Google for one of my keywords: Client Concierge. Potential actually found me by google. Then congratulated me on my SEO and asked who handled it for me. He seemed surprised when I told him I do it myself! LOL
  11. Thanks for the tips Ruth. I will try that. I don't break out time to client by what team member did it but several want an actual "list" of time spent. Not all of them - thank goodness. Most the time they don't really know which team member did which task. Karen
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