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    Besides my VA business I like to sew/crafts, traveling and my grandchildren.

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  1. Thanks for the input. I hesitated even completing my profile since a lot of the workers are from overseas and really work CHEAP!! I have tried GURU but no jobs yet. I'll check the others mentioned. Until my VA business gets off and running thought I would try these types of places. Thanks again.
  2. Anyone ever tried oDesk? I have been reading job posts and know I can do them, but work a full time job and not sure I can fulfill the time frames. Any suggestions?
  3. Have my site set up and am just needing clients -www.essentialassistnow.com; @assistnow on Twitter; also have a Facebook page.
  4. I am working full time as an admin assistant with more than 20 yrs experience and ready to work from home. I am investigating the VA business and I know I have services, skills to offer businesses. I am trying to decide on a name for my .com site; any suggestions? I left work early and listened to the webinar Tawny gave on getting started. Took lots of notes, but still investigating. I live in Oklahoma. Thanks
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