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  1. Hi Roxie, For your first question, If it is their own workers on site, I would ask the contractor to assign a qa/qc person and establish a checklist of inspection items. Each week they can inspect and report that the work was done and inspected to be quality. This is typically assigned to a foreman or superintendent who is knowledgeable about the mechanics of the installation being completed. That person could also take photos and send them to you each week. If they are referring to subcontractors, you could ask for a daily report with completion photos at certain intervals. Contractors do carry smart phones on the job in my neck of the woods - even ipads. As for your street lights, they would have to provide prior information for you to know which were under warranty. You're not psychic and the streetlight surely isn't going to share that info with you! Is this a property they have a facility located on, is it a job site, or is it property owned by the city? More information needed to properly answer. More information is also needed regarding the drain replacement. Was this a drain on a jobsite and they are a plumbing contractor? Was it a warranty call on a previous job? Is it something they damaged by doing some work? The biggest question being How did it come about that this drain needed replacement? I hope this helps a bit.
  2. Happy New Year fellow VA's! What free software/application would you suggest for sending out a multiple question online survey (and once complete, to share the results)?
  3. I love #1 , agree the tie is too casual. Love the checkmark - made me think of checking things off my list immediately! Good luck!
  4. Hello fellow VA's I have a client who wants to add a shopping card and accept credit cards on her website for book sales. Expected sales at the start would be minimal, so we are looking to avoid large monthly fees. What shopping carts and credit card processing services would you recommend? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and expertise!
  5. Hello fellow VA's! I am having difficulty embedding an audio player with three audio files into a mailchimp campaign. I used vzaar and embedded the links, but they disappear altogether or show error messages by the time I finish and save. I did find a workaround (although ugly) of taking a screenshot of an audio player and linking the url. But this is not my optimum solution for me or my client. I would appreciate any advice on how to achieve this objective. Thanks for any advice! Cynthia
  6. Hello Author VA's, I am looking for recommendations for a foreign rights book agent. Please provide names and contact information, along with your experiences with the agent. Has anyone had experience with HBG Productions? Graciously, Cynthia.Bastian@BrassRingAdmin.com Brass Ring Administrative Solutions
  7. Hello fellow VA's! What wireless headsets do you use and recommend? The headset that I plan to use must fit over the ear (rather than have earbuds - ouch) and be Bluetooth to sync to dual devices such as laptop and ipad for optimum sound in both directions with background noise cancelling.
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