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  1. Hey Cathy, Thanks for the link! This looks like a great way to increase my traffic and my clients traffic! Lisa
  2. Hi Amanda, I am north of you in the Chico area, but I would be interested to do a meet up if we got a group of people together. I have been a VA for the past year and just recently began picking up a steadier flow of work. Look forward to hearing from you. Lisa
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a client that is looking at aMember, and I don't see anywhere where I can view a demo of how the shopping cart looks for the end user. Does anyone use aMember with products that would need the shopping cart feature, and if so, can you give me the link to your site so I can see? Or any other advice you might give in this area. Thanks! Lisa Thayn
  4. Thanks for your suggestions Danielle and Traci! I will check them out!
  5. Hi Naomi, Did you ever receive a response to this? I am looking for the same type of program. Thanks! Lisa
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