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  1. Have you any advice how and where to learn about Email Marketing campaign as service for some company, but with tight budget?
  2. Hi! Thank you very much on useful information, I appreciate it very much. Very kind of you. We will be in touch.
  3. Thank you so much on advice. In which institution you think should I make inquiries about this service? in Serbia this service is very little developed, and it is my desire to be among the first. I saw on the internet two agencies that are make this service. Maybe I have to try ask them for more information if they would be kind enough to give me a trade secret. I don`t think so, but it does not cost me anything to try. Right? Do you advise me to improve my service by making it apply to activities such as job on the ODesk?
  4. Thank you Traci, thank you very much! Hope I am not tiresome.
  5. Hello! My name is Emilia and I am from Serbia. I am 26 years old and I've had to work for someone for a miserable monthly fee, just because I can not find something better, because they say I have no experience or do not have children yet, so expect to have to send me the maternity leave. So a couple of weeks ago, I came up with the idea to use what I have learned so far and to get money for that how I deserve. But the problem is, I do not know where to start and where can I find information on what I need to start running my own business in my country - Serbia (taxes, etc.). I found this site, I'm thrilled, but my English is not perfect, and because it slows me in the research. Is it a requirement for VA English language perfectly? I know very well fast typing, but do not know how to use it, what can I do with it? How would I charged a customer service? Per page or per hour of typing? According to what I specify price? Also, emailing and classified advertising is my specialty. Is there any way to create a temporary site and later to perfect? Can I go to work part-time and then move on to more if need be? Is there any way to create a temporary site and later to perfect? Can I go to work part-time and then move on to more working time if need be? What to do if you make a mistake in providing services to the client? What do you tell the client if I can not do a job because I do not have time? Can I provide only a few services and later to add services to the list? I think this is a very simple business start-up, internet-computer-knowledge, the registration and search clients. As more and more I read, it all seems to me more complicated business start-up. Sorry I'm caught you with questions, but I have a full head of what not understand, because I have not taken anything, just exploring. I do not know how to create a small business plan for the start of service. Please help me, give me some advice. Thanks in advance! Emilia
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