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  1. I was reading this article thinking, "Wouldn't this be beneficial to those hesitant clients..." There are so many potential clients that just don't know what to assess or where to start. I thought I'd share this article with you all: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,317688,00.html Enjoy!
  2. Didn't see this anywhere in the forum so I thought I'd pass it on. Pretty good info for potential clients http://adminsupport.monster.com/articles/virtassistant/
  3. So just add you as a friend and will be connected? If so, already done!
  4. Help! I signed up for RYZE, now I can't figure out how to connect Do I just add you ladies as a friend??? If so, what's the quickest way to do that? Thanks in advance!
  5. From 5/25-6/25, I'm offering $50.00 for the first 20 referrals for clients needing to get Incorporated and $25.00 after the first 20 clients. Please call me for serious inquiries 310-795-2552, California Corps Only -S & C Corps- THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY REFERRALS! needservices@aol.com
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