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  1. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has ever used iCalling. I'm looking for free plan that allows me to make phone calls from my PC. I thought about Skype but they now charge. It is minimal, $2.95/month, but I'd like to try something else. I need to do a lot of phone calling for clients and do not have long-distance on my phone, only my mobile. Also, do you have a preference for a good headset/mic for PC. There are so many out there. Also do the ones for skype also work for other internet calling. Thank you.
  2. Hi All, A client of mine sent me an audioacrobat file which saves as funky htm file. I need to transcribe it ASAP and don't know where or how to save it to an MP3 or WAV file so that I can use express scribe. My only other thought it to record it to a tape player and do it from there. I've spend 3 hours trying to figure this out. Please email me if you have a suggestion: send to kathyhhi2007@hotmail.com Thank you. Kathy
  3. I'm either brain dead or it is Office 2007 that is causing me not to think straight. I have a client who had me merge and clean up 6 different customer data files. I got them all into a clean Excel spreadsheet and now I need to create labels. I cannot figure out how to do that in Excel. I copied the Excel spreadsheet to a Word table with the data but can't figure out how to now get it into a label format. Anyone have any ideas. I can easily do it in Access, but I don't have Access on any of my computers at home. Need help asap. Client wants to print the labels himself and send out a mailing this weekend. Kathy
  4. I wanted to send my clients a survey via Surveymonkey to get their feedback on the job I just did for them. I don't want to make it cumbersome so I have looking to put about 5-7 questions on the survey. What would you consider the most important questions to ask as far as feedback? Thanks. Kathy
  5. Hi All, I am working with client who has "other" clients. We both receive updated newsletters and the "other" client likes to do things the old fashioned way and receive these updates via fax. He doesn't like to go onto the computer. Therefore, my client has asked me to print off the newsletter and fax it to him. Now sure how to charge for just faxing. I'm going to be faxing these to the client twice a week and they may be 5-8 pages long. I'd love to hear back on how you do would handle this and how you would charge. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, Ruth. These are for party invitations and therefore can't do labels. I'm going to go for the size you recommended. Thanks. Kathy
  7. Hi All, Have a quick question. I have two upcoming projects of simply printing addresses on 6" x 9" envelopes. Does anyone know the envelope size in Word Mail Merge Envelopes for a 6" x 9" envelope. Is it a B4, B5, B6 or C4, C5, C6 etc.? Also, if you had 50 envelopes, would you quote by the price or by the hour? Thanks. Kathy
  8. Hi All, I have finally finished my first issue of my bi-monthly newsletter and now it is ready to be sent out. My problem is I can't figure out how to include it "as is" in the body of the email rather than as an attachment. I created it in Word 2007 and turned it into a PDF file. I do not have Outlook but I use hotmail and Network Solutions. I also have an account with Constant Contact and with ZebraTracks. Any help you can provide would be great. I'd like to get this out to my perspective clients tomorrow. Thanks.
  9. Another VA from Kenya contacted me about purchasing a piece of equipment that I no longer use. For those of you who have international clients, what is the best way to make the money transfer? She has a Payoneer debit card which she can use to make online payments but not sure how that would work for me. In Kenya they can't use paypal. Would a bank transfer be the better option. We're looking at about $300 transfer amount. As soon as I hear back from you I'll get in touch with her. Thanks.
  10. To all you REVA ladies, I occasionally help a local, high-end realtor by entering her contacts into her Outlook contact list. So far that is all I have done for her. She has done nothing with the list because she has no time and is now realizing she needs my help but is not sure how. My question to you is: What are some things that a non-REVA (meaning I have no real estate background, training, etc.) can assist a realtor in? Here is what I've come up with: Contact Management Send reminder emails about the community, upcoming events Send out greeting cards (anniversary, holiday) Purchase of deliver welcome gifts Send out community packets upon request from client Charity events she works on I want to send her an email with all that I can do for her, so any brainstorming you can do would be great. Also, if I wanted to get more real estate training to help her more, what do you recommend. In my community we have about 1700 realtors and with the real estate market picking up (just a bit), they will need more help. But for now, I just need general ideas. Thanks.
  11. Hi All, I am selling my Panasonic Standard Cassette Recorder (RR-830) if anyone is in need of one. I originally bought it for a specific client, used it once and then they went digital. My selling price is $100 plus shipping. It is in excellent condition. Here are the specifics: Panasonic RR-830 Transcriber Standard Cassette Recorder (RR 830, RR830), Speed-talk variable speech control with in/out switch and level control, Foot controller for remote review, Headset included Built-in condenser mic, LED indicators for power tape run record and quick erase 3-digit tape counter, Volume and Tone controls, Silent full auto stop, Cue and Review controls, Black. If you are interested, please email me, Kathy Ambrosic, directly at kpasecretarial@hargray.com.
  12. I am using Constant Contact - trying their 60 day trial version. I created a flyer and want to send it out that way because I don't have an email system that works well enough to send graphics. I'm having troubles with trying to figure out outlook.
  13. I am getting to send out an email to 100 businesses in my area introducting my company, but I am stumped on a headline that will hopefully get read. Any suggestions. Here are my two: "Office Support without the Overhead" "A Note from KPA Office Outsource" That's it. Not too creative. These are all independent small business. Your help would be appreciated. Once I get a headline, it's gone!! Thanks. Kathy
  14. Thanks everyone. Based on your comments, I sent my approval off to the graphic designer for printing. I'll let you know how it turns out and how the response is. I have a target audience in mind, so we'll see. Again, thanks for taking the time to look at it.
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