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  1. First off, welcome! Your determination and passion for what you do will pay off, just be patient. I've found that joining SEVERAL forums online and networking via forum posts and building trust as a professional will open many doors. Good luck to you!
  2. Good Afternoon, As a brand new VA I've found myself up at night from an over active mind with finding the best ways to market my business. In February I will be relocating to Charleston, SC from Atlanta (being new and a virtual business, I do not see this affecting my business at all). My question, though, is do any of you have experience marketing your VA services with your local chamber of commerce? I have already looked into Charleston's CoC and was curious if I can do the pre-work of registering my business with them, even though I do not yet have a physical address there. I inquired through their website, although I have yet to hear anything back. Any insight would be of great help.
  3. I offered a discount on rates for Black Friday but do not intend to do any holiday sales. I feel like this time of year is hectic/crazy for most people which, to me, increases the demand for my services. I already have one client who has upped her retainer allotment and provided me with a referral who needs help through the holidays.
  4. The few clients that I currently have, as I've just started out as a VA, I plan on sending small gift packages to. I'm thinking of doing nicely wrapped chocolates and, also, on the backside of the holiday card that I'm sending will be an "announcement" previewing a few new upcoming services I will be offering in the New Year.
  5. I haven't experienced this firsthand, but from what you explained, it sounds like you are doing an excellent job assisting this client! The client obviously trusts and confides in you. Continue to utilize your professional experience in supporting her as much as you can. Good luck with everything!
  6. Good afternoon! I am a relatively new VA and was just reviewing some of these great Black Friday deals. The one I am most interested in is the VA Insider's Club which gives you inside access o the job boards. Before purchasing, though, I am just curious on the feedback from others on how successful using these jb boards has been for their business. Any input is much appreciated!
  7. Yes! It is http://www.palmettova.com Be sure to check it out! - Drew
  8. I thinks the "How Do I" forum would be most helpful. For ex: How do I know which networking events are going to be the most advantageous for my business? Often times gaining a client can come from the most unexpected of sources. How do you accurately identify what the best events are to attend?
  9. @Lynn W: Twitter has been a great tool for me in my past marketing efforts. So many people use this social media outlet nowadays, making it an excellent platform to promote your VA business and retrieve potential clients.
  10. I think the following are great tips when attempting to receive outstanding client reviews: It's better if you ask for feedback, not testimonials: Researchers say that people feel more comfortable giving feedback than providing a testimonial, and after receiving the feedback you can use it as a testimonial, as they are more or less the same thing. A testimonial seems more formal to them and you can get better and more genuine answers with feedback. Be careful what and how you ask: A background information can prove to be useful, like age, studies, place of work etc, but the full name and location should always be required, because testimonials without these elements are not reliable, and often skipped by consumers, or worse, if they are read, they create a negative image that they will always associate with your company's name. Don't over-edit: Testimonials have to be real, so that the language used (if proper) should be kept, in order to assure originality and credibility. People usually talk in a certain way when interviewed or required a feedback, more accurate and without puns, therefore when you find a customer that uses a fresh and genuine informal language you can profit off that testimonial more than you would on 20 formal ones. Use testimonials that fit: Try to use only those testimonials that prove the point your campaign is relying upon, in order to make it easier for the consumer to rely both on you and your customers; if for example your cooking class focuses on healthy food, insert those testimonials that refer to the ingredients used and the benefits gained from that, etc, not those who say that the technique of the cook are impeccable, or that the classroom has great lights. Address objections: If a possible next consumer discovers that he/she has the same fears as one of your consumers who wrote them in his testimonial, together with the way he overcame them, chances are he will turn from interested into a consumer. Never fake them: Although the use of testimonials is advised, better don't use any than to use fake ones; once your lie is discovered (and one way or the other, IT WILL BE!) you are discredited and it's simply not worth it. Encourage specifics: Specific details are the salt and pepper of trustful testimonials; referring to a certain feature, customers show that they have that first hand personal experience, that means a lot to possible future customers. Descriptions of elements of the product or service they really enjoyed counts a lot more than testimonials like "It was great!" or "You rock!".
  11. I am a new VA and very curious about the process experienced VA's use in regards to finalizing a 'deal' with a client. Do your clients typically have you fill out a 1099 independent contract form? Are there certain legal agreements/documents you provide the client with? Any information would be of great help! Thanks in advance, - PalmettoVA
  12. Good Evening from the Southeast! PalmettoVA has finally launched our completed website and we very anxious to 'officially' begin engaging in the VAnetworking forum. I am very excited to continually visit this educational forum to help launch my new VA business. I specialize in anything clerical; my primary expertise is in marketing and healthcare admin assistance. I look forward to networking with all of you other VA's and look forward to sharing 'recipes.' Best Regards, - PalmettoVA
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