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  1. Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing well and ready for Xmas. I wanted to reach out to anyone in the Mississauga/Oakville area and see if there is a Networking event taking place? I am new starting as a VA and would really love to get together with experience VAs so that I can pick your brain on some of the things that maybe I have missed and even exchange whatever learning we can with each other. If there isn't one, is anyone interested in getting one together and we can work together and maybe form one and meet once a month. Would love to hear from you. Thanks and all the best for the holiday season to everyone. If you want to get in touch with me directly my email is maryl0725@gmail.com. Mary Lazzaro
  2. Hi Janet, thanks for your reply, I wasn't looking for one-on-one help as I know everyone is busy, was looking to see if your group met and you answered that but I guess you now meet in Hamilton instead of Oakville is that correct? Do you know if anyone has a group meeting in Oakville or Mississauga? I will also post a separate message to see if anyone does. Happy Holidays.
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