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  1. Our financial year is July through to the following June and except for between Christmas and New Years, we don't slow down at all. I do tend to take a deep breath at the end of July through!!
  2. I am definitely at the point where typically covered topics don't interest me anymore. I've been in business for 4 years now and it has changed so much during that time. My needs are definitely more advanced so I like the idea of the two tracks or mastermind sessions. Sometimes it's just good to get with other VAs to pick their brains and see how they do things. There is definitely always room for improvement and it's my humble opinion that everyone, regardless of what business they own, needs to invest in professional development. This could be a conference, network membership, attending webinars or doing online courses. For what it's worth, I've spent over $3000 AUD to get to the IVAA Live Summit this month. It's been really hard getting the money together and there has been times where I thought it wouldn't happen but it is and I'm so excited. For me a VA conference isn't necessarily about making connections with potential clients, it's about learning more about being a rockstar VA, it's about connecting with potential colleagues and subcontractors, and it's definitely about getting some Vitamin D. Hibernating in my cave (aka office) is not good for the health. So I'd start saving now for next year!
  3. I can't wait to meet everyone! Candy I have a 'pink' surprise just for you!
  4. This will be my second VA conference (I'll be attending the Australian VA Conference 4 weeks before hand) but my first trip overseas. I've had to scrimp and save and hubby is still worried about the money but I am definitely coming! I know that when I attended my first business conference it totally rocked my boat. It made me think and grow as a business owner and I'm very thankful for that. I may not be able to come every year but I'll start saving just in case!
  5. I'll be coming all the way from Melbourne Australia! My first trip overseas!!
  6. We can't print cheques down here like you guys do and all my cheques are in a cheque book. You write the cheque, the details on the stub and you tear it out leaving the stub in the book. I've always written on my supplier bills the cheque payment details and on my stubs the invoice numbers. I would be inclined to organise the stubs in numeric order.
  7. Hi everyone, just thought I'd poke my head in and say that I'll be coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia! I have to save for my plane ticket though and I'll probably bring the whole family so we can do the touristy thing first.
  8. I have a client in the UK (I'm in Australia) who photocopies and posts me a care package each month. I then organise it into a folder and post to the client at the end of the financial year with a backup disk for the accountant. It means that if the accountant has any questions, the information is right there for them. I am thinking of going paperless though Candy... what a great way to save some space! Kylie Short Tilda Virtual Services
  9. Dana, I need to save more than $20 (flights are expensive from Australia) a week but I'll be there at 2010!
  10. Our end of financial year is in June so the Aussies have a little bit of breathing space. My vent is about the client who comes to you with urgent bookkeeping to be done (we have quarterly Business Activity Statements here in Oz) so you shuffle other client work and get it done only to have a few questions to be answered before you can run reports. So you ask. And you wait. And you wait.... then when the deadline comes and goes, the client panics and tries to put the blame back onto you (aka ME!). Not my fault if after stalkerish emails and phone calls you don't have the info to me on time. Pfft
  11. Click on Print/Email invoices, then click on advanced filters. Select your form down the bottom and save it with a new name. Now edit the invoice and click save. Tah dahh.....
  12. Hi Keira I'm in Bathurst NSW and have been a member of this forum since last year. I have to second Angela's suggestion for VAIG (Virtual Assistant International Group). Its very active and full of Aussies. Hope to see you around some more! Kylie
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