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  1. Our financial year is July through to the following June and except for between Christmas and New Years, we don't slow down at all. I do tend to take a deep breath at the end of July through!!
  2. I am definitely at the point where typically covered topics don't interest me anymore. I've been in business for 4 years now and it has changed so much during that time. My needs are definitely more advanced so I like the idea of the two tracks or mastermind sessions. Sometimes it's just good to get with other VAs to pick their brains and see how they do things. There is definitely always room for improvement and it's my humble opinion that everyone, regardless of what business they own, needs to invest in professional development. This could be a conference, network membership, attending webinars or doing online courses. For what it's worth, I've spent over $3000 AUD to get to the IVAA Live Summit this month. It's been really hard getting the money together and there has been times where I thought it wouldn't happen but it is and I'm so excited. For me a VA conference isn't necessarily about making connections with potential clients, it's about learning more about being a rockstar VA, it's about connecting with potential colleagues and subcontractors, and it's definitely about getting some Vitamin D. Hibernating in my cave (aka office) is not good for the health. So I'd start saving now for next year!
  3. I can't wait to meet everyone! Candy I have a 'pink' surprise just for you!
  4. This will be my second VA conference (I'll be attending the Australian VA Conference 4 weeks before hand) but my first trip overseas. I've had to scrimp and save and hubby is still worried about the money but I am definitely coming! I know that when I attended my first business conference it totally rocked my boat. It made me think and grow as a business owner and I'm very thankful for that. I may not be able to come every year but I'll start saving just in case!
  5. I'll be coming all the way from Melbourne Australia! My first trip overseas!!
  6. Hi everyone, just thought I'd poke my head in and say that I'll be coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia! I have to save for my plane ticket though and I'll probably bring the whole family so we can do the touristy thing first.
  7. Dana, I need to save more than $20 (flights are expensive from Australia) a week but I'll be there at 2010!
  8. Hi Keira I'm in Bathurst NSW and have been a member of this forum since last year. I have to second Angela's suggestion for VAIG (Virtual Assistant International Group). Its very active and full of Aussies. Hope to see you around some more! Kylie
  9. Well done and how exciting! This is exactly how I started, only I didn't know that what I was doing was Virtual Assistance.
  10. Congratulations Ladies and well done . Both of you deserve to be recogised for your outstanding efforts in your respective businesses and your contributions to the VA industry.
  11. BATHURST, NSW – Twelve months ago, Kylie Short thought she was answering a job advertisement for a part time bookkeeper/secretary. Instead, she embarked on an adventure starting her own business 34 weeks pregnant with her third child while attracting clients from as far as Sydney and Melbourne. “I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I answered the advertisement,” says Short. “I just knew I needed a challenge. I never expected to go into business when I replied to the ad. The employer took one look at my large pregnant belly at the time and offered it to me on a sub-contract basis so I could work from home and still be with my children. It was the perfect solution for me.” Ms Short knew she wasn’t the only one working from home completing administrative tasks for other business owners, so she began a quest for knowledge and found the Virtual Assistant industry. Virtual Assistants are self-employed business owners who provide administrative and consulting services to their clients on a virtual or off-site basis. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners wear ALL the hats in their business and have ALL the responsibility. Not only are they the bookkeeper, they are also the sales person, administrative manager and business owner. Wearing all these hats can limit a business in its growth and ability to service customers. Some businesses are unable to afford a full time assistant or provide the necessary technology and training for an assistant, never mind setting aside the office space. This is where a Virtual Assistant is a perfect match. Not only are Virtual Assistants business owners themselves, but they are able to take on the tasks you don’t have the skills, time or inclination to do. They can do it efficiently and proficiently, adding to your business’s professional image. You only pay for time spent on task and you can even contract a Virtual Assistant to work on a project basis, as you need them. “Since finding the Virtual Assistant industry and discovering it has been around since 1996 in Australia, I knew it was important to learn as much as I could about this exciting way to work and do business,” says Ms Short. “I joined a number of online forums including Virtual Assistant forums and business forums. As a result, I now have access to other Virtual Assistants who have skill sets in various areas that complement my own and I am able to stay up to date with current trends in technology. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and the bonus is I get to stay at home with my children. I have also learnt so much about having an online business.” About Kylie Short Kylie Short, Owner of Tilda Virtual Services has 10 years experience in Office Management and Bookkeeping with considerable time spent in Small Business Management, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Child Care and the Human Resource industries. To find out more about Ms Short, visit her blog at www.tildavirtual.com.au/blog About Tilda Virtual Services Tilda Virtual Services partners with small business owners with personalised, cost-effective and reliable services that support the needs of their business. Providing bookkeeping, administrative support, contact management, newsletter, website design and hosting, Tilda Virtual Services is here to assist small business owners, freeing up their time and reducing their to-do lists. Contact Tilda Virtual Services today for more information. www.tildavirtual.com.au ###
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