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  1. I'm currently using Workflow Max as it integrates perfectly with my bookkeeper software Xero. Have used MyClientSpot in the past and loved it.
  2. I'm a virtual bookkeeper (in Australia) so I do the same things each month for my clients. I know roughly how long it will take me to finalise a client's books depending on the number of transactions etc and other factors (and have built my packages accordingly). This means I can block out time for particular clients on particular days. This allows me to work into my schedule my monthly networking (F2F) events, my business coaching, picking up the kids from school, volunteer work etc. I call it 'chunking'! I usually try to have one day off a week and stay in bed and read the entire day. This helps me to recharge my batteries and it stops me from over working.
  3. I have a hosted PBX with an Australian company because RingCentral never got their butt into gear and open 'down under'. I love my pbx because I have an app on my phone so if I need to use the PBX to receive or make calls I can. Having said that my mobile is on a capped plan and I usually just end up using that. I have 5 lines coming in with one of those being for my home number. I have a VoIP cordless in the kitchen and the kids know that if it rings or if they need to call their friends, that's the phone to use. My employee works from home and she has a VoIP phone on her desk connected to my PBX (which could also be done with a 'softphone' too) and answers my calls for me. I tend to not answer my phone at all and most of my clients have been trained to leave a message, send a text or just simply send me an email. I encourage clients to make a time to call and they all respect me for it, knowing that they have my undivided attention for the duration of the call. I think you'll find that if you say to your clients that they need to make an appointment to call you, majority will see the sense in it and wonder why they don't do it themselves.
  4. Over the past 6 years I've had to deal with this very same issue so many times that just limit the number of clients we look after and put people on a waiting list or refer them out. I have one part time employee (I'm based in Australia and law is obviously different here) but have used a number of contract VA's in the past successfully and unsuccessfully. I never take on work that I can't do myself and I don't take on contractor's without meeting them in real life and getting a feel for them. I of course look at finding someone with the skillset I need but I also look at their personality, how they like to work, how long they've been in business and what their own personal goals are. It's very frustrating when people just stop returning your phone calls/emails but I chalk it up to experience and try to not make that same mistake again.
  5. I used My Client Spot for years and absolutely loved it. I'm currently using Workflow Max as it connects with Xero my bookkeeping software. Workflow Max helps me to manage my lead process through to managing all clients and tracking time.
  6. Our financial year is July through to the following June and except for between Christmas and New Years, we don't slow down at all. I do tend to take a deep breath at the end of July through!!
  7. Like Candy I used to beat myself up about my odd hours but my mum quite bluntly said to me one day "Kylie, get over yourself. You're a shift worker. You do your mum shift during the day and your work shift at night." Lately my challenges seems to be my motivation. I struggle to get going, but once I'm started I find it hard to stop. Challenges change as your business changes.
  8. I am so over winter right now! Melbourne has had more than it's fair share of rain this winter and we get REALLY cold winds here.
  9. For the last three years I've been able to confine my work to during the day (with some nights to meet deadlines) which means I don't work weekends. We usually plan two big trips per year as both sides of the family are at least a 14 hour drive (plane tickets are too expensive here in Australia - it costs the same for us to fly to family as it would to go to the US) away from us here in Melbourne. If we don't do the big trips we don't see our families and we are very close to both mine and code monkey's siblings. This January I'll be taking almost two weeks off to go on our vacation. We will have a total of 9 adults (mine and his siblings and husband/wives) and 12 children (aged 17 to 2) staying in 4 cabins on the water. It's a holiday park so we don't need to go anywhere or do anything!! We are so looking forward to it and yes I'll check in my emails twice a day like Candy does but I'll be letting my team look after our clients while I'm away.
  10. As of 1 September I'm changing from per hour to fixed fee packages. All my clients have already agreed and have signed up ready to go. Fixed fee's makes sense for me as I do the same thing each month for each client. There are always lots of little things I 'forget' to invoice my clients for and this way everything I do is covered.
  11. Hi everyone! After being MIA I thought I would check in and let you all know I'm still here! For those who don't know me, my name is Kylie Short and I'm a virtual bookkeeper based in Australia. I own Tilda Virtual and have been in business for over 6 years now ( time sure flew!). Hope to hang around a bit more this time and get to know some new people as well as connect with some old friends. Kylie Short Tilda Virtual
  12. I'm a virtual bookkeeper based in Australia so there are a few of us around!
  13. I am definitely at the point where typically covered topics don't interest me anymore. I've been in business for 4 years now and it has changed so much during that time. My needs are definitely more advanced so I like the idea of the two tracks or mastermind sessions. Sometimes it's just good to get with other VAs to pick their brains and see how they do things. There is definitely always room for improvement and it's my humble opinion that everyone, regardless of what business they own, needs to invest in professional development. This could be a conference, network membership, attending webinars or doing online courses. For what it's worth, I've spent over $3000 AUD to get to the IVAA Live Summit this month. It's been really hard getting the money together and there has been times where I thought it wouldn't happen but it is and I'm so excited. For me a VA conference isn't necessarily about making connections with potential clients, it's about learning more about being a rockstar VA, it's about connecting with potential colleagues and subcontractors, and it's definitely about getting some Vitamin D. Hibernating in my cave (aka office) is not good for the health. So I'd start saving now for next year!
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