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  1. Candy, Thanks for your reply. I have 7 regular clients now. Keeps me busy. Minu.
  2. Candy, How many clients do you have now? I need to decide whether to get the insurance or not. TIA. Minu.
  3. Hi, You can transfer files through yousendit.com or sendthisfile.com. Have the client send you their file, you update it and send it back. I would charge by the hour until the work is uptodate. HTH. Minu.
  4. Hi All, Do any of you Bookkeepers have a Canadian client? Is there any difference in bookkeeping for a US client versus a Canadian client - other than GST/HST? Thanks. Minu.
  5. I got it and send one back to you with detailed information. Minu.
  6. Hi busybee, Cost depends on which state you live in. In Florida, you do nothing if you use your name as your business name or file a DBA (Doing Business As) application if you use any other name. Here, it costs $60.00. If you tell me which state you are in, I can try and find out for you. Minu.
  7. Hi busybee, Check this website out. It is full of information. http://www.legalzoom.com/law_library/LLCs/introduction.html Minu.
  8. Hi Donna, Here is something to try. Open a word document with two columns. Make the postcard in the 1st column on top, copy it to the bottom of the 1st column and 2 times in the 2nd column. HTH. Minu.
  9. Hi, Where do you live in Florida? I am in Tarpon Springs. Good Luck with your new ventures. Let us know how it goes.
  10. One option would be to export the not needed transactions in Company A to a word/excel file, then import them to company B. But from what I was reading, exporting is easy, but importing requires a lot of typing which might not be worth it.
  11. Hi, I don't use Quicken, only QuickBooks but here is a suggestion. After you have created a new invoice for the full amount, go to recieve payments and apply the credit memo to this invoice (you originally should create a credit memo as soon as you realize the customer has overpaid or has to be refunded or has a credit). Then, if you print your invoice it should show the original charge and credit. You will have to keep track of which customers have credit memos and apply them to the next invoice before sending it to the customer. Hope this helps. MA
  12. Hi, I am all too familiar with your situation. But this is what has worked for me. Download and install Google tool bar and MSN tool bar and make sure pop-up blocker is checked. If you have MyWebSearch toolbar, remove it. That is main cause of all these popups. From Add/Remove program list, remove all installations related to ad-ware, spyware, spybot, or whatever they are called. Install an antivirus and firewall software on your computer. Check the firewall option on each internet connection that you create - whether it is dial up to the internet or connection through dsl or cable. Hope this helps. MA
  13. Thank you again everybody! I have been reading posts made on this board by all of you and frankly I feel very tiny in comparison. All of you have great websites and obviously working hard. I hope I am as busy and successful as you guys. I have few questions though. Please answer them only if you feel comfortable doing so. 1. How long have you been a VA? 2. Are you strictly home-based now? 3. How many clients do you have? Talk to you soon.
  14. Hi, I live about 45 minutes away from Tampa in Tarpon Springs. Love the weather, though it does get a little too hot at times.
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