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  1. Hi to all! I would like to invite all the Georgia and surrounding area VA's, Real Estate or Business, to an open house to be held in September by http://www.thegeorgiavaconnection.com. Please email me at va_marino@yahoo.com and I will be sure to send you an invitation! Thanks Mary Beth
  2. Hi all GA VA's!! I am setting up a chat room in skype for us to connect and the group is called Atlanta Peaches! For those who don't use it, skype is free to join; my skpe name is virtualhours.com You can also email me at va_marino@yahoo.com to let me know your skype email so I can invite you to the chat room. Let's get the ball rolling...it's been toooo long! Warmly Mary Beth Marino
  3. Calling all Peaches! Wow! Talk about a longggggggggg thread! This started before Christmas and we haven't connected!! So not like the VA's I know, so let's do something about it!. Write me back at www.va_marino@yahoo.com and I will organize a get-to-gether for late July or early August! Let's make it easy, pick a Friday, or Saturday, July 26 or August 2nd or 9th. If that doesn't work let's try for other dates. Let me hear from you now, BEFORE next Christmas!! Mary Beth Marino It's my b'day so let's have a drink out! LOL
  4. Hi Tawnya, Yes, this is a GREAT idea and I would definitely sign-up at a reasonable cost. 6-8 weeks, yes...six probably better if possible. I would love to see other training options through VANA. As a writer, I would offer this to my clients as well. Where do I sign up!
  5. Hi Patty, I would be happy to help at the booth for OIVAC. Please let me know what you need. I am not available on Friday but any other day, I'm pretty flexible, so just let me know. Talk to you soon, Mary Beth
  6. Hi Libby, I live in Atlanta. I am in the Suwanee area but am moving to Lawrenceville in a couple of weeks. I am VirtualHours.com and am in the process of doing another website as well. I too am an insider. I would love to get together and chat....it's a busy time, but maybe we could squeeze in a lunch or something...or at the very least, a phone call. My email is va_marino@yahoo.com Please feel free to email me. Mary Beth
  7. Congrats Cathy! Good for you. I too landed one from an RFP so it DOES happen and it's good we let other VA's lknow it does, because it does happen! Best of luck to you. Mary Beth
  8. Hi PattyD, I missed the seminar because I thought it was at 7:00 p.m., my fault as I didn't get to read the post on time. Will it be played again on Friday and what time? The Calendar shows all monday chats on Tuesdays, and no time slot for the seminars. Is there a way we could sign up for email alerts or something.... or am I not looking in the right place for notifications? I think the times have changed that are on the seminar chat page so I'm pretty confused...sorry! Is it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, always? Thanks Mary Beth
  9. Now that's what I'm talking about!! I bet my client read that article Darrell and that's why he suggested Elance. Rather than lose him totally, I think I may encourage him to use it, but I wanted to wait until I heard from anyone else if they ever used it or heard anything about it. Thanks for the article. Mary Beth
  10. Way to go....It's so nice to see when a fellow VA gets recognized....! Someday, we'll be a household name thanks to VAs like you! Mary Beth
  12. Thanks Rosaline for our help! I really appreciate your thoughts and input. I'm still tweaking it before I send it on but will certainly fix/change the things you pointed out. Have a great day Mary Beth Hello Mary Beth Well done! This reads much more like a Press Release. Please note some proofing and minor editing that I have done. Your fourth paragraph - "Marino emphasized ... she explained." - needs some rewriting to clarify your ideas. I would also suggest rewriting your last sentence in the last paragraph.
  13. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mary Beth Marino 678-546-1164 va_marino@yahoo.com www.virtualhours.com Virtual Assistants Help Drive the Business Economy with No Overhead! Goals are being met and productivity increases as Virtual Assistants penetrate their niches in the Real Estate & Small Business Markets. Such is the case of VirtualHours.com, a home-based entrepreneurial venture designed to “market hours” to their clients. Sole Proprietor – Mary Beth Marino, reports that Real Estate is a market- driven industry and demands hours upon hours allotted to that Marketing. “The Virtual Assistants (VA) role is to provide the extra hours needed so the Agent can focus on buyers and sellers, Marino says. The VA is an independent contractor providing Administrative, creative and technical support. Small business owners are looking to minimize overhead in an economy that suggests reduction of benefits, sick and overtime pay, paid leave of absence, downsizing and vacations for employees.” Marino emphasized how the inception of the VAs industry, basically, the home-based business, provides some solutions to economic recovery. “The Real Estate Industry, Businesses, and Technology, illustrates how the country as a whole-is moving toward self-sufficiency. “The country as a whole, is looking at Health Care Reform, Social Security, taxes, and Benefits” she said. Home-based businesses, instills a big dent in these issues,” she explains. The Virtual Assistants Industry plays a huge role in collaborating internationally. Highly organized, and a hot topic today, is the Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA) which serves a membership base of 5000 +, each finding their own niche for specialization in the different markets. VAs provides Hours to Business Markets in a progressively virtual world. To that end, “Virtual Hours” can be provided to you. .
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