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  1. Hi to all! I would like to invite all the Georgia and surrounding area VA's, Real Estate or Business, to an open house to be held in September by http://www.thegeorgiavaconnection.com. Please email me at va_marino@yahoo.com and I will be sure to send you an invitation! Thanks Mary Beth
  2. I too look forward to the spreadsheet, having just formed TheGeorgiaVAConnection (GVAC) in Georgia! Come visit our brand new site! Mary Beth
  3. My biggest pet peeve is taking on a new client who THINKS they can write; they want to spend their money on printing ebooks or hardback books - but you have to convince them it is not ready for production because it needs to be reworked to meet industry standards. Then they are amazed when you tell them what you will charge for a rewrite to correct all those grammatical errors. My favorite pet peeve is when they write in a passive voice...which is MOST of their copy, again- calling for a rewrite...I'm just saying...
  4. Hi all GA VA's!! I am setting up a chat room in skype for us to connect and the group is called Atlanta Peaches! For those who don't use it, skype is free to join; my skpe name is virtualhours.com You can also email me at va_marino@yahoo.com to let me know your skype email so I can invite you to the chat room. Let's get the ball rolling...it's been toooo long! Warmly Mary Beth Marino
  5. And to add to Pat's clever advice I would like to add another tip. The same approach in learning how to type fast works as well...when you type, train your mind to type the "WORD" not the letter and your speed will double! I learned this trick years ago and always LOVED when someone, (especially Executives or CEO's) commented on how fast I typed and with very few errs (that was done on purpose!)
  6. I second the motion on the toolbar!!! It is a Godsend and saves time...especially check out where you can add all your email sites in one place - you click and go to that email box. SUPER!!!
  7. Just wanted to take a moment and wish all our Canadian friends and peers, a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. who will be celebrating this coming Monday! May you all share in the of the holiday season! Don't eat too much!! Mary Beth Marino
  8. There are two seperate identification topics there...therefore, "and" would be appropriate in my opinion...and as always, when in doubt, leave it out. (meaning colons, semi-colons, and the two to's) hehe Mary Beth Marino
  9. Welcome Lidia! Another GA Peach here...and there are several. We are trying to gather everyone up for a get-together soon. Please email me at thewritingeditor.com if you are interested in being added to our growing list. I live in Lawrenceville, LIbby in Marietta, several in surrounding cities...Macon, Savannah, etc. Good luck with your business! Mary Beth Marino
  10. Hi Sherra! I'm in northern Ohio, close to Mansfield. Hi Sherra! Welcome to VANA. I'm ORIGINALLY from Dayton, OH. My mom and brother are still there. We lived in Oakwood. I live in Atlanta, GA now. for taking the leap! Just think, you will be sitting at your desk working hard, and when people see you, they will see your tan and think, "gee, she has the life...look how tan she is!" LOL Welcome aboard...you will love it! Mary Beth Marino
  11. Libby hit big time in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper today! Congrats and Thanks for making the VA's look GREAT in the news! Libby McIntyre-McIntyre of Office Assistance http://www.mcintyreoa.com I had a 7:30 a.m. call from my sister today, telling me about the article and says, NOW I know what it is you do because she desribed it perfectly!!! She then told me to cut the article out and hang it on my wall in the office! Which I will do of course...but being in Altanta too, we will try to form that group of VAs from here, to have lunch with and celebrate! Way to go Libby!!! Mary Beth Marino
  12. Calling all Peaches! Wow! Talk about a longggggggggg thread! This started before Christmas and we haven't connected!! So not like the VA's I know, so let's do something about it!. Write me back at www.va_marino@yahoo.com and I will organize a get-to-gether for late July or early August! Let's make it easy, pick a Friday, or Saturday, July 26 or August 2nd or 9th. If that doesn't work let's try for other dates. Let me hear from you now, BEFORE next Christmas!! Mary Beth Marino It's my b'day so let's have a drink out! LOL
  13. Hi, and welcome to VANA! I love the name of your website though I haven't seen it yet...it looks like your off to a good start however! Take care, you will lean a lot here a VANA. Go and introduce yourself to others at various places. Mary Beth Marino
  14. Hi Mary, Glad you joined the VA world, you will love it! I can't help you on the wordpress training, but I wanted to add that I think it would be a GREAT thing to have a seminar on it for all the VA's that could benefit from it! There are some free sites for some training on html. XHTML 101 - Free HTML CourseThis class will teach all the same concepts as the HTML 101 course, ... The XHTML 101 training class is free. The only cost to you is the time you spend ...http://www.webdesign.about.com or google it and you will find a few sites that offer it. Hope that helps.
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