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  1. Wow, that doesn't bode well for non-US citizens as well, who rely much on Paypal for payments from overseas clients. Since I heard a similar story last year I decided to change my credit card on file to a debit card and always clear the funds from my bank account on Paypal's file (the one where my debit card is tied to) to an account at another bank. That should make Paypal incapable of taking out anything from me without my consent if something like that happens.
  2. LOL! That's a cool one, Red! I'll try that on my notebook tonight. Gabs
  3. I'm a PC and PS guy! What I play in my desktop: Bioshock, Quake 3, a few indie games (Darwinia, Defcon, Uplink) and all my original PS1 games run by an emulator :B. Just bought a new PS2 (wow! no bulky adaptors!) for my son as his grade school graduation gift this year. Add the fact that I'm coming back to the Philippines for good, I'm sure we'll be spending more time...kicking each other's ass on Tekken!
  4. As with Karri's comment, I find it kinda wierd that my own site has a lower pagerank than anothe VA site from the Philippines, yet I always come up higher than theirs on the first page of Google everytime a search on 'virtual assistant philippines' or variations of it are done. I've been monitoring this since last year and it hasn't changed till now.
  5. Wow, Kathie, much kudos to you! As always you put the industry to new highs with your achievements, and help all of us be at the forefront of our customers in the process. Congratulations!!!
  6. This is the single worst misconception about being a VA that I keep hearing every now and then from people who email me asking how to become one. They keep telling how they read this article or that promising easy money, work-at-home 'kind of thing' (and by that I reckon they mean do-it-at-your-own-time-when-you-feel-like-it practice), so I have to play devil's advocate and let them know what they could be facing. As for me, as with my last year's goal, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally quit my dayjob this month and will be transitioning to a fulltime VA starting February. My income last year has already matched my dayjob's pay and I'm looking forward to a better year ahead of me. I have to thank VANA in part for exponentially boosting my VA career in the right direction, and for helping me network with a lot of wonderful people here. Here's wishing a very prosperous new year to all of you! ^_^
  7. Hi Jacki, Just sent you an email today. Let me know if you received it. Thanks! Gabby
  8. I think the first thing you need to ask yourself is: are you ready for it? Most of the time I hear a lot of people who would like to start their own companies that they do so because they get sick and tired of working for somebody else. Not that it's an incentive on itself (and I do fall in that category as well), but the thing is, there's another side of the equation that needs to be resolved. Are you willing to risk a steady income in place of having to look for your own? Are you willing to put down irregular hours to do your own marketing, finding your own clients, doing your own books, networking, and still be able to finish the work on time, as compared to having a set 9-5 schedule where you can practically leave your work behind after office hours? Can you maximize your billable hours in order to get a return on pay that will be at par with what you're paid for now working in a corporate environment? Are your skillsets sufficient to take on clients of your own, vs. being handed down set work from the company you work with? Are you willing to pay for your own insurance, taxes, social security, etc? Can you account for all of these and still be able to sleep at night? If your answer is yes, then go for it! If not, then I suggest you think long and hard and be honest with yourself if you have the right motivations and reasons to leave the corporate world and striking it out on your own. My message is not meant to discourage you, but rather serve as a wake-up call on what is the best course of action for you to take, and what are the trade-offs for choosing one from the other. Gabs
  9. Hey Patty, A well deserved award if I ever saw one! Congratulations!!!
  10. I give my clients the option whether they would like to pay for it themselves or have me pay for it on their behalf. If it's the latter, I do what Candy does: ask for an advance to shoulder the payment. I've never had the experience of my clients giving me their credit card info, but I would suggest that if they do entrust such info with you, have something prepared in writing (a Confidentiality Agreement perhaps, I have one) that you can readily hand out to them if they ask for it, or if the situation necessitates for one. Gabs
  11. Hi Frances, There's no direct way to do this from Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, if my understanding is correct that you intend to edit the image logo in Word. You can try exporting that as an image file (JPG, PNG or GIF), and edit it from an imaging software (or even import it in Photoshop directly). Haven't tried any of those PDF - to - Word software availabe in the open, but you can try one which has the ability to extract image layers from PDF files and export them correctly into Word vector format...just don't expect too much. Gabs
  12. Wow, Leanne, didn't know you taught French! Can you teach me a couple of phrases? I'd like to know how you would say "Jonathan sucks but he's nice so be kind to him" in French. Hey Arnie, nice avatar!
  13. Hi Sudha, Glad to see you here in the forums. There are a lot of reliable hosting providers out there that offers very affordable and reliable hosting. VANA, for one, offers this for $5/mth (I think). There's also Dreamhost, Site5, and HostGator. Make sure you check reviews of each and every hosting company that you're considering to put your website before committing, because in the world of e-commerce, hosting price is only secondary to reliability. After all, you'd want your website to be able to generate business for you 24/7, wouldn't you?
  14. Thanks, Tawnya. That's an awesome offer that's hard to refuse!
  15. Hi Leanne, You can also use this: =CONCATENATE("<a href=", CHAR(34), "/c/.html", CHAR(34),">See all available sizes</a>") Gabs
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