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  1. Wow, Kathie, much kudos to you! As always you put the industry to new highs with your achievements, and help all of us be at the forefront of our customers in the process. Congratulations!!!
  2. Oh no, that's bad! I can't imagine the trouble this has caused you. I'm gonna ask Arnie about this for sure!
  3. Hi Krista, My personal opinion on this is that, not all news are news to be taken with a grain of salt. Some are real, others designed (by people who have agendas in mind), some with a touch of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). For example, how does one equate the constant barrage of reports about job losses to countries like India and China when another set of statistics will tell you that the average unemployment rate is kept at 4.5%, and that the level of unemployment went down during the last 4 years since it peaked in middle of 2003? It's easy to get pulled back and kept down with "news" which, in reality, inside our minds we already know it's bound to happen anyway, whether we like it or not. That gut instinct is the one that keeps bugging us to try to step ahead or get sideswiped by those who are hungrier than us to win the game. Do we listen to our guts, and do we act on it? The only thing I can say to anyone who's mindful and skeptical about the future of their business as a VA (or not), is that their only true competition are themselves. If they think they deserve to be paid this much, then let them prove they're worth it. If they think this client should go to them and not to somebody else on the other side of the world, give them a really good reason why they should. Otherwise, there's no point in worrying about what the outcome of this game will be if they don't have an idea of where they stand and what they're going to do about it. Gabs PS. my apologies really to anyone and everyone who may feel slighted with my reply, I just want to speak my peace on this one, at least just this once. For some time now I've been receiving several emails telling me that I'm "taking away their business" or "how can I afford to do this at this much" and host of other unsavory remarks. Believe me, I have no intention of bringing down anybody's business, and I hate to be the one at the blaming end of the stick whenever the words "outsourcing" and "offshoring" are mentioned.
  4. India's economy isn't that bad or struggling as some other source might say, but yes, they are raising the ante when it comes to duplicating jobs and businesses that are otherwise serviceable locally in America. Ever heard of the H1B statistics which shows majority of these visa holders come from India? Have you also read the news about call center jobs in India which are now being moved out from India to places like my country (Philippines)? It's just business moving around from one place to another. Eventually somebody out there's gonna step up on the plate and raise the bar again which will bring those very same jobs back to US or Canadian soil. Well, perhaps not in its entirety, but then again, westerners are more known for being early adopters than laggards, so they will always have some distinct advantage for conducting business on their own soil that can be extremely difficult for their Asian counterparts to duplicate. Who ever came up with the idea of telecommuting in the first place? And the Internet? Businesses evolve over time. What used to work in 10 years ago may no longer apply today. It's the same with jobs. For me, the only thing to remember is not what I'm doing this for (being a VA) but why I'm doing it. If I'm doing it for the right reasons and have a real passion for doing so, I can make this profession sustain me and ride out any competition out there, regardless of who or where they are. Gabs
  5. *sigh!* that'll be around 2 in the morning here. Any chance you'll be posting the highlights of the party afterwards? Would really like to see 'em photos of you having a grand time there. Gabs
  6. Yay congratulations, ladies! You deserve it! Where's the party? Gabs
  7. Funny, I also get the same response whenever I send inquiries by email. Ah, such is the level of customer service when you're a big company now. Makes you wonder if those volumes of email that they claim takes so much of their time are even real.... Gabs
  8. Tawnya, ROFL! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Too bad Paypal couldn't do a better job of providing useful customer service to you. I was looking forward to this incentive, but after hearing your story, I guess I'll have to lower my expectations, if not abandon them altogether. As for Google's Checkout, quite disappointed really. They may have their reasons, but I wish they could have waited a little longer to roll out the service so that more people could benefit from it. Ah well, maybe next year. Gabs
  9. Hi everyone! Came across this article yesterday and thought you might want to take a look at this: Paypal is giving away $20 rebates for its users from November 23 this year to May 15 next year. I know I know, Paypal's website says that services aren't included in the deal, but think about it: a project for a press release article or a website package can be promoted as an electronic product, right? Wouldn't hurt to consider how we can use this to promote and/or increase our businesses this Yuletide season...uhm, in the wake of Paypal fending off Google's free Checkout promotion as well (isn't competition great? ) Penny for your thoughts! (yeah, I miss that song...) Gabs
  10. Wow, Diana, way to go! Getting your book officially designated as the reference of choice for a university? Nice! Gabs
  11. You still are??? Wow, I wish I was there. Around here the weather feels like winter in the morning and early evening...and I'm not a 'winter person'!
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