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  1. I would love the feedback. I just published my website, just to light the fire under me and I still need to work on the copy and fill in a few of the blanks. I will continue to tweak, but eventually will seek outside help to make sure my site content turns visitors into new clients. Debbie Saro
  2. I was at the lunch and it is was wonderful to get out together and meet fellow VA's. Dana really got the event moving and I appreciate that. Thanks! I also got to meet Ricki who is also a wealth of knowledge. It put a new spark in my mind about the all the fabulous things you can learn from collaborating with other VA's. It wasn't all shop talk and our two youngest guests were just adorable! Can't wait to the next one. Debbie
  3. Thanks Candy-I am going to look into that. Deb
  4. Thank you so much for your replies. Karen-I appreciate the lead regarding AIPB. Candy-Thank you also, regarding the practical experience. Is there mentorship programs that you are aware of? I still have not joined the professional organization of IVAA-but it is on my list, would this be the place? I appreciate the feedback. Sarah-Thanks for the sites. Debs-Thank you for the site. My goal is to really get a good handle on it. I always enjoyed accounting and just got away from it. Thanks, Debbie
  5. I am looking for a reputable online practical accounting class to take. I have looked through the archived posts and can not find what I am looking for. I recently had to clear my computer and all my bookmarks were erased, I had a company bookmarked that taught bookkeeping classes on there and I thought I received the lead from the forum. I have had a year and half of accounting in college, but really want to refresh my skill level, especially with small business matters. Any website URL's would be extremely appreciated. Thanks. Debbie
  6. Thanks to everybody for their warm wishes and comments. I truly appreciate it. I hope to be communicating more with everybody in the future. Debbie
  7. Hello Everybody- I have been coming to this site for some time now. I pick up new ideas often, have designed my PTA website based on tips and tutorials people have shared from this site, have received a bookkeeping test, have read countless blogs that some of you have posted and many, many other items. In other words I have really used this site to its fullest--almost. I want to continue to network. I currently work full-time virtually for one client, I am looking to expand my business, produce my marketing materials and introduce a website of my own. I am attaching my logo and company name. It is a play off my last name and I believe it works well to describe my business. Feedback would be appreciated. I look forward to getting to know each of you better. Thanks, Debbie saro, Satellite Administrative Resource Office
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