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  1. I don't like wireless headphones either. The quality just isn't there from my experience. I use my son's usb powered Turtle Beach gaming headset. It is wired, but has a very long cord and the quality is awesome!
  2. I have had two attempted chargebacks in 7 years (1 ebay related and 1 for one of my courses) and PP sided with me. You have to have your contract spelled out and everything in writing. PP is actually very easy to deal with. She just needs to make sure terms are spelled out.
  3. I use google voice. I have a google voice app on my cell so I can get calls into that number and call from that number using my cell. I can set it so all calls go to voicemail when I'm busy or unavailable. I love it!!
  4. I use Ace of Sales for my email campaigns. Most of my clients use it or Aweber.
  5. I always thought my external hard drive was enough. Until that crashed!! Thankfully, when I sent it to the company, they were able to recover the past 8 years of data that I had on it. But...now it's Dropbox for me. I can't recall how many times I was out somewhere and wanted a file, only to realize "Darn...that's on my external HD at home". That doesn't happen anymore. I love Dropbox.
  6. Nice name! Welcome! When you say Contractors, General Contractors, do you mean in the construction field? My husband & I used to own our own construction company and I've been thinking about adding this as one of my target markets. Do you work mostly with local companies?
  7. I just wrote a blog post about how to set up social spaces yesterday. I use a marketing wheel to define how I will set things up. I find this works well for my visual clients.
  8. Welcome...there is a search feature here in the forum where you can get lots of great information about tools and software/apps that we use. My most useful are MS Office, dropbox, audacity, paint.net. As a VA, my focus is WordPress, Social Space Marketing, SEO, Administrative Support (customer service via email and phone & email list management) and website management. I don't do a lot of graphic design but paint.net comes in handy for small stuff.
  9. I'm not sure why your client feels that Paypal is not "seller friendly". Alll of my international clients pay me via paypal and I've never had a problem. Simply send an invoice and they can pay it any way they want through Paypal. CC, paypal, etc... No problem.
  10. I do not do a lot of audio transcription anymore just because I find it cumbersome and a pain in the butt. ;-) However, in the past, the best way I've found is to ask for a "representative audio sample" so you can ascertain what you are up against. This way you will be able to better gauge how long it might take you. Once you've done a few, estimating your time per hour of audio will be easier. If the sample they send is nice and clear and then the actual audio is vastly different, you have a record of asking for a "representative" sample and can justify any price difference. Make sure that's in your contract if doing this type of work. Maybe add a line similar to "If the audio is vastly different from the representative sample, additional charges will apply". If you add that in when asking for the sample as well, this will encourage your client to choose a sample that is representative of the entire thing.
  11. If you can train the VR properly (takes a bit of time to do) then yes...you can type faster by using it. I definitely use Audacity more than the one that came with my PC. I notice when I'm doing live teleseminars, I say UM and UH a lot. It's not a huge deal, but if I'm going to later sell the audio as a training, I like to remove them. I can choose one UH as a sound profile and tell audacity to remove all other instances of UH. If there is background noise, it can easily be cleaned up with audacity. I love it! Hope that helps!
  12. The only problem with that is the chances of it getting retweeted are close to nothing. :-(
  13. This actually happened to me once before but it was the other way around. I could only post or edit in text mode. HTML mode was blank. I uninstalled and reinstalled the theme and that took care of it.
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