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  1. It sure does wake you up quickly to suddenly see a big blank screen with a "c" (undo! undo!)
  2. In my experience, these sites require you to complete a series of online exams so you can make your profile appealing to clients. Odesk may be the largest outsourcing portal for freelancers, WAHMS etc. but, for me, you can't get a job in there unless if your profile is very competitive compared to other wannabes Thank you for the feedback ejohnl (and Tawynya) Am I correct in understanding that you two think the time spent would be better used via other efforts (such as face-to-face networking and social media)?
  3. - Tawnya, I am a BIG FAN of David Allen - http://gettingthingsdone.com/ I try to get my inbox to zero (stretch goal most of the time), and use folders such as “. Next Action” “.Someday Maybe” “.Waiting On” etc.. And then I hide other folders without the “.” (Fun > check your GTD IQ > http://www.gtdiq.com/)
  4. I use Gmail for personal and all the professional development / email lists that I am on. 3 years ago I transitioned from Yahoo! (and it took about a year to clean everything out!). Up until last year I still had many accounts filtering in to Gmail (mostly a bunch from Grad School). I ended up experiencing my first email breach ever. At the time I also had Gmail filtered into Outlook. The hacking of my Gmail account wouldn’t allow me to log-in to Gmail (at first) and then, Outlook crashed completely from the link with Gmail. I had to call MS and create a whole new Outlook account (which took quite a bit of time and also meant I had to customize all my outlook settings all over again!). I love love love Google Labs and all their tricks and innovations, but it is still a free email account…you may want to keep some things in silos (and monitor your forwarding and filtering regularly!).
  5. Dear kselbov, You are welcome, but I should add that now, being a year later, I just got a Macbook! While I love the luxury of the HP Envy's huge screen (and couldn’t afford 2k last year for the desktop Mac) I have found that Microsoft is really not up to snuff. After more than 15 years on PCs, Microsoft is basically scrambling to keep up with the market demands (at the cost of working out the kinks). Windows 8 is trying to offer a lot of features and it has SO MANY bugs. (And Outlook not playing nicely with my iPhone was a real thorn in my side). I am making the transition and going to use both (but the Macbook will basically be running the biz + allow me to build my VA empire while traveling the world - lol ) The Envy will be more for graphics, playing with opensource and other “at home tasks” So, a year later I say this: Macs are worth it in the end – 100%. Pay now or pay later or keep the systems separate (i.e. if you have an iPhone stick with Mac, if you have a PC stick with a smartphone). With handling other folk’s administrative challenges, it is certainly not sustainable to constantly be working around your own system’s administrative bugs! Also FYI - last year I supplemented my research by reviewing my Mom’s subscription to Consumer Reports – that was helpful! Good Luck (and let us know what you get / what you think)! -N P.S. Last year I tried out MS 365 Small Biz (not going to renew). This year I invested in Apple’s Joint Venture (which is a lot but with the A#1 VIP treatment and the countless benefits for a Mac newbie, so far it has totally been worth it) Stay tuned. I would love to hear feedback from others that have tried either of these professional service offerings.
  6. I am looking for some recommended reading regarding really getting in to the nitty-gritty of traffic analysis. Thank you, N
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha (So much for trying to 'sneak in' a post during a crazy day!) Nice one, Natasha.
  8. Sure did! "Honor the scared bubble" (one of my favorite mantras).
  9. Hi Dawn, welcome back (I really enjoyed your VA Anniversary Bash- Freebie from this past fall!)
  10. (Do weather, email, calendar, calculator, compass, camera etc "count"?)
  11. What are the top 5 business apps you have used the most this week? Evernote (I’m a OneNote junkie but thinking of going 100% Mac soon) LinkedIn DuckDuckGo Entrepreneur tie between Dropbox and Skype What are the top 5 personal/fun apps you have used the most this week? Evernote Aviary Instaeffect Brain School Magic piano If you could have any app built for you right now, what would this app be, what features would it have and why would you want this app? (I have no idea – something Star-Trek-ie – I can’t wait to hear from others!)
  12. And here is a handy-dandy comparison chart from Website Tool Tester Website builder reviews: Our comparison chart for 2014
  13. In the time since I have posted this… Further research has shown me some feedback – folks say: customer service does not exist (not surprising if it is free) the e-commerce elements have changed and are more limited (with commission fees) they use stripe payments instead of paypal I was suprized that Weebly wasn’t mentioned anywhere in this forum, but then again, many of the other free website builders that I have found in the past year are also not mentioned here in the forums ….So… I just thought I would answer my own question for future readers Any other feedback / comments would be more than welcomed!
  14. …to be more specific…. I am going to help someone with their site (which is through Weebly). I have very limited html knowledge, a smidge of Sharepoint, and only about 6 months education in WordPress (so, even though I consider myself 'tech savvy', I am not someone who can build a site from scratch) The template designs on Weebly are beautiful, it looks beyond super-duper easy, and the base package (+hosting) is FREE. ("starter pack" is only $4/month hosting) So...I am wondering - what is the catch? I would most like to hear from current users as to issues or drawbacks that they have found (or perhaps second hand knowledge too). Thanks!
  15. Has anyone here used Weebly? Pros / Cons? Likes /Dislikes?
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