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  1. Tawnya, sorry I spelled your name incorrectly! The "W" in your name always throw me off. LOL
  2. Tawnya, the more I've been thinking about the outbound calls, I think I am going to pass. I like what you said about being on the phone all day. However, have you or anyone included Appointment Setting, Confirmation Calls and Reminder Calls in your VA services. I know these would be considered outbound calls, but what if I were to market to Real Estate Brokers? A Realtor may ask for these type of services. How would this work? Any advice?
  3. I am also interested in subcontracting projects. I can provide administrative and creative support, basic web design and maintenance. I have a background in meeting and event planning. I am building my VA business. But, until I am ready to launch, I could really use the income. Please contact me at (872) 222-8092. Thank you!
  4. Shannon, great question regarding setting a subcontracting rate. I am interested in subcontracting until I get my VA business up and running. This was a concern of mine. Thanks for the information Tawyna!
  5. Dorothy, welcome to VA Networking! You are in a great place.
  6. If you don't have a stat counter associated with your website to keep up with the traffic for your site, there are free tools out there. Just do a google search for "free stat counters." I've used www.statcounter.com in the past. It's free!
  7. Thank you so much Cathy. Yes, this forum is awesome. Any questions that I have had so far, everyone here has been so helpful. Lovin it!
  8. I am a new VA. Among other Administrative Support services, I want to add Outbound Calls to the list. These outbound calls would include returning calls, follow-up calls and calling prospects for clients. I don't want to use my phone for this service. How do I go about this? Do I ask for a phone card? Thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks again everyone for your replies. Everything is so very helpful!
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