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  1. Hello Everyone .. My name is Margy.. I am truly working on getting a great website that is not only understandable but profitable so that I can help assist ministry, my over 80 and 90 year old parents, and those in a struggle .. My life as a single mom have not been easy but I am beginning to understand the journey. My desire is to let go of the 9-5 job this year so that I can assist more financially for my aging not well parents. I want that day to come where there is nothing for them to worry about! They are my top priority. One of the greatest lessons of life was taught when I had to walk through over 4 deaths with my family in the same year. It taught me a how to have a greater faith and strength. It gave me a stronger arm for people to lean on and powerful hand to hold .. My lessons have been many just as my testimonies but I am so thankful to still be here working it out. I decided to use my beloved family as my motivation because they loved life fully. Especially my best friend who was my nephew!!! So I wanted to begin my a legacy. NOW is all I have!!! So I came up with divasforhire.com My website is confusing I have to much going on and in the middle of changing it.. I want to offer wedding jewelry and accessories but concierge services if a bride needs it. So what I am trying to figure out is how I can add in the virtual concierge services .. or the travel agent concierge services since I am a travel agent while focusing on the jewelry and accessories. I was thinking of adding this as a side bar .. etc I do have a separate site for the travel but still wondering how to make this all work and make sense So please I am open for suggestions .. Tawnya you there? : ) Thanks for listening
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