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  1. I have two clients that don't follow what I have stated in my contract. For instance, I state that I need all work 48 hours in advance in order to schedule it into my work day etc. Sometimes clients email me at 9 at night and then want a call the next day. Or they send me blog posts at 1pm Monday expecting it to be out Tuesday at 8am. I find myself constantly reminding them that I do need to know 48 hours in advance in order to schedule the work into my schedule. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm sure that I'm not the only one. What do you do about it? I don't want to have to keep reminding these clients every month about this. It becomes repeatitive and I don't want to come off sounding rude or that I am ignoring their requests.
  2. Hi everyone, my business is starting to get busy and my experience and expertise have grown. I think my services are more valuable than they were when I first started out and was still learning. I wanted some adviced on how you would go about raising your rates. Do you send out an offical notice a few months prior? How would you approach your current clients? Thank you for your input!
  3. Thank you for the advice Dana, Candy, Danielle and Tawnya! I am going to get myself organized so I am ready for the event.
  4. Hi, my local town is having a women's business event and was wondering if anyone has ever gone to something like this? It would entail setting up a booth and I assume networking with other women who own local businesses. Do you think it would be beneficial? Could I even go to it as I am not a physical business per-say. Would you recommend I get some free gifts to give out with my business name or something like that?
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