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  1. No, I have not even had any clients yet. I do have a site, but that is all so far. I just got my logo, so will be getting to work on marketing materials next.
  2. I have training in the service I will be offering (1ShoppingCart) but no certification. How important is certification to potential clients? I do not have the money right now to invest in getting certified, so I am not quite sure what to do. I have my website up and know I can do what needs to be done. I just am concerned potential clients will not take me seriously with out certification. Thank you Johnna
  3. Because I am using my name as my business name, I have been trying to come up with a good tag line that tells what I do. I specialize in 1ShoppingCart set up and maintanence. I will be marketing to Christian Life Coaches and Authors. Here is what I have so far. E-Commerce Solutions, because simple is better. I am not sure if this makes sense, if I am saying to much or not enough. I am going to be getting my Logo designed in a few days so need to get this done. Any ideas or opinions will be appreciated. Thank you Johnna
  4. I did think of that so I was thinking E-Commerce specialist. It just seemed more inclusive of the services they may need. I am currently setting up my WP site. I thought I would set up two seperate service pages. One for shopping carts and one for more admin type services. Have decided to go with Christian coaches. Johnna
  5. Julian and Mark Thank you for your replies. It helped me decide what I needed to do. Johnna
  6. I have decided to use my name for my business, but do not know if it would be better to call myself a e-commerce specialist or a 1 Shopping Cart Virtual Assistant. I plan to also offer administrative services and I can work with any shopping cart system. I also would like to work with Christian Authors and Ministers. So the label thing has me a little perplexed. I decided to use my name as I may want to become a OBM eventually. Thank You All Johnna
  7. Does anyone here work with Christian authors or ministers? If so what types of services do you offer? I planned to offer 1 Shopping Cart services, but I am not sure how these services would be applicable to the clients I want to work with. Thanks for any advice. Johnns
  8. Tawnya It is probably a lack of confidence for me. I do feel that I do not know enough to call myself an expert. But in all honesty I do know enough to just go for it. It is scary though.
  9. They offer free 30 day trials and I have used the free trial before. So will do that again.
  10. Hello Has anyone taken the Shopping Cart Specialist Mini Course offered by VA Classroom? I am thinking of taking it but I am wondering if it is worth the money. I have taken the three (beginner, intermediate and advanced) 1Shoppingcart training courses by The Techie Mentor, but see that the course offered by VA Classroom covers things that were not covered in The Techie Mentor training.
  11. Things have changed in my home in the last couple of days. My husband and I will be hitting the road in an RV in the next couple of years. I will really need a portabe business. While I know that I could do website design, the bandwidth that takes will be an issue. So now I am leaning more toward shopping carts or general services. Is there anyone in the forums who travel and have a VA business?
  12. I know nothing about php. Took a javascript course and could not pick it up. Just made no sense to me. I can edit it though. Johnna
  13. Mark I do have a question about what you use to design WP sites? Do you use XAMP? Johnna
  14. Mark I recenty joined lynda.com and will take some courses about WP design. So see how that goes. Johnna
  15. While I have designed things since stopping my template design business in 2000 (my husband was ill). I have not kept anything. Mark I use Dreamweaver and their layout grid system. I like the layout grid system better than doing the media queries myself (Dreamweaver does them you design)as the transition with the fluid grid is smoother. I have not even looked at designing WP sites but have looked at Joomla and Bootstrap. But not real fond of them. I find them more difficult then HTML5 and CSS3. Maybe I could create a template to show you and get opinions? What do you all think?
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