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  1. Thanks Ladies! And especially thank you Janie for the link, that is very helpful... Have a great rest of your week.
  2. I just terminated contract with a client today. She was Spastic, sporadic and inconsistent with her communication. I "fired" the same client last year and foolishly agreed to work with her again after she apologized and took responsibility for the last episode. After a very trying last few weeks, I just couldn't take it anymore. After I sent her the termination this was her reply "I am certainly ready to give your review on linkedin now. you do not make the effort to work thru the differences, take responsibility and focus on possibility." None of those things are true. I tried to accommodate her in every way and requested very clear and concise instructions to which I received no response several times. My question is, if and when she does give me a negative review on LinkedIn what are my options? Is there a way to request it be removed? Live and Learn I guess. She is an Amazon Merchant and sent me a product a few weeks ago, so today after all this I gave her a stellar 5* review. I figured the best recourse was "killem with kindness" so to speak.
  3. Good Evening, I have to make a 5 minute presentation to a networking group I belong to next month. Do any of you have suggestions of lengthing the typical 60 sec commercial? Thanks for the help in advance!
  4. Mena, I knew it was under Header, I just seem to find it in the script. The website is www.informedhcg.com and I realize that when you click of the link it show the url.. but I can't find that "page" in the list of pages and it says there isn't an ftp file on the host.
  5. Good Afternoon, I have a client that originally had some techy friend set up her Wordpress website for her. Two years later she need the header and several other this changed. This is the first time that I have used WordPress and I only know enough HTML code to get myself in trouble :-) I can't seem to find how to edit the main template. Also there is currently links to some PDF files and I can't seem to find any FTP folder where they are saved? HELP!!!!!! Thanks in advance! Charity Stark
  6. Good Afternoon everyone! My name is Charity Stark and I have recently became serious about virtual assisting. I have been helping a few friends doing their Quickbooks for several years, along with a few admin projects here and there. But now I want to make a business out of it. I have a website and would appreciate any constructive critisim you may have. www.consideritdonebyme.com Thank you in advance, and hope to see you all around the forum!
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