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  1. Yoast is the only SEO plugin I'd recommend and it's regularly updated by the creator. I wouldn't be too freaked out by that email because any/all WP plugins, theme files and core files can lead to security vulnerabilities if they're not updated on a regular basis. That's the nature of the beast with WordPress. So back up everything and update... often.
  2. A biggie for me this year is to stop doing everything myself, so I'll be looking to outsource... research, social media and other bits for my personal sites to start with.
  3. I do this too! Although I'm currently in the process of revamping my portfolio so I've taken the page down for now. I also have my personal niche sites that I direct select clients to so they can see my handy work in action (not just design but evidence of SEO/traffic/conversion data) . I don't include those in my portfolio though (an affiliate marketers paranoia thing ). Don't mind those negative comments about using mock websites. It's very common practice in the web design world and I suspect the people you were asking weren't designers or even marketers, so possibly not the best folks to solicit feedback from.
  4. Are you talking about the pop up? Just click the X to make it disappear. No need to sign up.
  5. I love Pinterest, but I don't use it as much as I should - especially for my service biz, hardly been using it lol (that will change though). Still Pinterest is my number one traffic source (apart from Google), for my niche affiliate sites. Danielle, what Pinterest analytics do you use? Also what's the best automation tool for Pinterest? I know what you mean about engagement Tawnya. I tend to leave comments on some of the pins of peeps who have liked my pins, I pin back and follow those who follow me.
  6. Not sure what service or products your client sells, but if they were my client, I'd move them to a CMS... quick smart. WordPress is my tool of choice - the best in my humble opinion (have experience of Drupal and Joomla too); regularly updated code, easy to add all types of content on the fly, all manner of plugins and themes to choose from, add any type of functionality you care including ecommerce solutions.
  7. Thank you Denise! I try to help where I can. Your comment made my day.
  8. Pleasure! Here's the home page: http://www.addthis.com
  9. I hard code the icons when displaying them in the widget, footer/header area (my follow me icons). I use a plugin for the icons that appear at the top and bottom of my blog posts. I use AddThis. I've used a fair few icon plugins and I rate this one highly. It's easy to use and it provides analytic data so you can easily track and measure the success of your content.
  10. LOL you'll have to strategically position your thumb each time you go to shake someone hand or brush your hair out of your face. You'll have to let us know how it went down. Just think, you'll be setting a new marketing trend -- what's the bet that you'll see an increase in marketing-by-nail-art at the next conference?
  11. I know what you mean Tawnya. I never used to save any of my passwords on my PC... at all because I thought it was well dodgy. It was one of my friends who convinced me otherwise. He's an IT security expert and he uses KeePass too, has been for years and highly recommends it over other products out there. Can't argue with that really. I'm OK with free stuff as long as it's a good product. KeePass is actually Open Source just like WordPress is, except it's got a hell of a lot more security. You get regular application updates too. And because it's actually a database that sits on your PC, apparently that's more secure than cloud based systems. If you've got good spyware/malware software on your PC, you've got nothing to worry about. Check out their security page, tons of detail on how it encrypts your data, protection against keyloggers and other cool stuff.
  12. I've been using KeyPass for the last 9 months and it's serving me well. What I really like is that I have all my passwords in one place with only one master password to remember. It's all encrypted so super secure. You have to download the application onto your PC and create a database. But, you can store your database (encrypted of course) to Evernote so you can always have access -- as long as the PC you're using has the KeePass software installed on it. I even have KeePass on my iPhone and iPad. It's great.
  13. Totally agree that investing in conferences is something we should all be doing. Even if you can't get to the biggies, there are always face to face networking events which are free or very low cost. I recently had someone I met at an affiliate marketing conference 2 years ago call me. She said she'd seen my posts on LinkedIn and now she's a client. I'm very selective about the events I do attend though. They need to be relevant to me, my growth and to what I'm trying to achieve -- as you all know, time is so precious. Generalist business conferences don't do it for me. I love networking with fellow techies, techie VAs and Internet marketers because that brings about opportunities to learn and to collaborate on projects. They are definitely my people as I feel at home amongst all that geekery lol. It's always good to have a bank of coders/programmers as your buddies, well, in my field anyway. They've helped me out whenever I've been stuck. I'm also an active member of a few MeetUp groups - some are to meet others in my industry and other groups are where my potential clients hang out. I just love the whole social thing really because I'm very outgoing anyway. But getting phone calls from people you've met who want to work with you is just the icing on the cake!
  14. Wish we had more business conferences in the UK. The SEO one looks very interesting.
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