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  1. Paulette! Sometimes the easiest answer escapes me. I do think they could manage the very basics of a Blogger or WordPress blog with a few one on one hours.
  2. Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner! Thank you both. I'm honestly afraid that both options would be to much for them to handle. Facebook and email are about the extent of their internet usage. This is a ranching family, they originally hired another rancher who dabbled in HTML to design their site.but in the end he was just too busy to keep up with the monthly updates they wanted. ( As of right now it consists of them emailing me a couple pictures of cattle every month, cropping them, and uploading them to the page. ) Now they want to be able to post updates like, a post about moving cattle from pasture to pasture, a picture of the cows on pasture, etc. The more time I've spent talking to them I really think the best option is for them to just email me the updates they want and I'll build them in myself.
  3. I have a client who has a very basic HTML site, less than 10 pages, some text, a few pictures thats it. Purely an HTML site. In the past they have had me make changes to the page twice a year when they have a sale scheduled where I add a page with a link to their sale catalog (pdf file). The customer has asked for a page in which they can log in and add their own pictures and text on a more regular basis. They are looking for something similar to a blog, or a form in which they enter the information and it's then imported into my HTML code. Before I commit to doing this (or directing them to someone else) I want thoughts on the easist way to implement their request. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with this? Thank you in advance!! Kelly
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