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    I enjoy learning new computer software, and reading books of all kinds of genres. I also like working out, and walking through the park, playing with my puppies. Spending time with my family first and foremost! :)

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  1. Hi there, My name is Amanda and I am in the Start Up phase of my business. I had a question regarding fees and rates, I was just wondering if I am pricing too expensive and perhaps scaring clients away with my pricing. Could someone by chance look over them on my website, and let me know if I am pricing too high. Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Amanda Website: www.dailyvirtualassistant.com
  2. Hi there, My name is Amanda and I am a new Virtual Assistant from Texas, and I am starting my own business, and I am in the startup phase. I am looking to learn, and enjoying connecting here! My business just started in March of this year, and I am a college student working towards my Associates in General Studies at my community college, and also doing an Administrative Assistant course online through Penn Foster University. I am looking forward to see what this business brings, and how I can help others achieve their goals! Sincerely, Amanda
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