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  1. Thank you Tawnya. I'll put on my calendar.
  2. Hello Everyone! I debuted my website a few weeks ago and I am looking for some advice on how to get more traffic. I am still working on my freebie to have people opt in. Please help... Thanks callyouradmin.com
  3. I used fiverr for my logo! The only problem I had was that the gig was removed and I still needed the person to change the colors to specific colors... Now I'm looking for someone to do that for me. Other than that, my logo was completed within the 24 hour window that was advertised. I'm sure I will use them again for something else.
  4. Hello All! I'm in Washington, DC! It would be nice to network together!
  5. I have tried that I just draw a blank every time I sit down to write.... I am probably over analyzing what it needs to say...
  6. Hello All! I have several packages and I need to write a description for each package. My packages are based on the amount of hours a client may need me to complete task. Can anyone help me with this? Everytime I sit down to think about this I draw a blank.... The package names are as follows: Quick Fix Package: Maintenance Package: Your Admin Signature Package: Executive Package:
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